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Statlander Very Happy CM Punk is on the AEW Roster—Mick Foley on the WWE/AEW War

It was in what is now a trending video originally posted on Facebook and then on Twitter, in which the “Hardcore Legend” himself, Mick Foley, warns WWE about the encroaching AEW and just why it’s WWE’s own fault. And in other news, Kris Statlander, who comes off of an epic battle with the AEW Women’s World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker at All Out this past weekend makes a statement about yet another legend in the business: none other than CM Punk.

Mick Foley sends out a cryptic message to WWE Creative on social media

In a video entitled “WWE – WE’VE GOT A PROBLEM,” Mick Foley unleashed on WWE and their consistently dropping the ball where their young talent is concerned.

Mick voiced some of the same concerns I had and have previously written about, specifically the handling of Karrion Kross on the main roster. The segment on Raw between him and John Morrison is proof of just that, no offence to Morrison or Kross, as I’m a massive supporter of both men.

But Foley took to social media specifically stating essentially that now a younger breed of wrestlers have AEW to seriously consider when thinking and wishing to make it big in an industry that was monopolized by WWE and for the better part of two decades now.

He commended AEW for its roster as of late, hinting at big recent signings, of course.

via Mick Foley /Facebook-Twitter

He also tweeted in wonder that he was in fact trending because of his comments, but I would like to put forth that the opinions of men like he and the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin should be valued and even put before some of the men in power at WWE right now; a group of people that need to learn how to listen and not just spew forth their own opinions which seemed to have stop working a long time ago.

via Mick Foley /Twitter

Mick Foley not only shattered expectations in his wrestling career but proved himself as an epic storyteller in both the fictional realm and the non-fiction realm with books like Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweat Socks, and Tietam Brown.

Kris Statlander excited to learn from CM Punk

Someone else who is extremely happy about having the legenday CM Punk in the AEW locker room is none other than Kris Statlander. In an episode of “Women’s Wrestling Talk,” she had this to say bout CM Punk :

“…I was there for it. I think it was never really 100% confirmed until it was there. And we all knew that it was happening, like, we all knew it, just no one officially was like, ‘Oh, CM Punk is coming.’ But we are all like, we know it’s gonna happen…I would definitely want to learn from him. I’m always willing to learn from any and everybody. And people have all had their own experiences with their own careers that you can always take something from…”

via Women’s Wrestling Talk /eWrestling News (Transcription)

This coming from a woman that is doing very well already, but with an open mind such as hers and knowing that learning from the best and the older breed is the way to success, she’s proving her worth…both in and out of the ring. Many great things in store for this young woman for sure.

via AEW /YouTube

She had her debut in 2016 and at 26, she’s got  a great track record already. She was trained by Brian Myers and Pat Buck—she was actually the Create A Pro Wrestling Academy’s first-ever female student graduate.

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She’s wrestled for Warriors Of Wrestling, New York Wrestling Connection, Victory Pro Wrestling and so many more before starting with AEW.

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