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KO Bound for AEW?—The Rock on Cole and Owens—WWE Main Roster Plans for Cole

In what is a very interesting chain of events on social media these past couple of days, it looks as though Kevin Owens is interested in joining some of his closest friends over at AEW, and speaking of those former friends, The Rock makes some comments in support of both Owens and Adam Cole in a recent social media post.

In other news, Adam Cole’s offered storyline ideas by WWE Creative were more abysmal than you could ever imagine. All that and more in this piece.

Kevin Owens in AEW?

“Fight Owens Fight,” is the slogan or catchphrase for Marieville, Québec’s own, but he hasn’t done all that much fighting in the ring as of late. They had him on commentary a few weeks back and although he’s been entered into a storyline with none other than internet and YouTube sensation, Logan Paul, it would seem on social media, that Owens is interested on possibly leaving WWE.

To explain the Tweet in question, we need to go back in time…specifically to when Owens was at PWG along with the Young Bucks and Adam Cole. They were in a faction back then known as “The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling.”

Well, Owens tweeted the apparent coordinates of the famous mountain and wrote: “Almost there,” just recently.

The young Bucks tweeted that they were “there.”

Owens’ tweet was taken down soon after.

I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions from there, dear readers, and understand our very reason for excitement.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer and f4wonline, stated that Owens’ contract is up in January of 2022, and many think that his possibly going to AEW is an option that’s based more in reality than in the realm of speculation.

Jon Alba of the Living the Gimmick Podcast, stated of Owens:

In speaking with some WWE sources throughout the day, there is very much an internal belief Owens is gone at the end of his WWE deal. He has dropped multiple hints on social media in the last 24 hours that allude to him being AEW-bound.”

via WhatCulture Wrestling /YouTube

The Rock raises an appreciative eyebrow to Owens and Cole

A fan on Twitter recently posted about how her father loves to hate Owens and even Adam Cole, and her father was recently taken off of a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit at their local hospital.

Owens responded on Twitter saying:

“Tell your dad that I hope he gets back on his feet quickly and that deep down, he knows he loves me and I truly appreciate him being my biggest fan and humming my theme song.”

via Twitter /Kevin Owens

The Rock also chose to make his thoughts known, stating:

“We’ve all beat Cena so let’s celebrate lol Wishing your dad strength during this time and Kevin O & Adam Cole are two of the best so your pops knows his stuff!”

via Twitter /The Rock

Big words from one of the definitive legends in the business for sure.

Adam Cole’s possible storyline on the main roster now known

It was made public knowledge that Adam Cole had a sit-down meeting with Vince McMahon to see if he would re-sign with the company after his contract expired. It was also reported that WWE Creative was told by Vince McMahon to come up with creative storylines for Adam Cole moving forward.

As was reported by, and according to Dave Meltzer, the ideas brought up to Cole were as disastrous and horrible as I expected them to be.

According to Dave Meltzer, first off, Cole would have undergone a name change because of Michael Cole on commentary over on SmackDown. Oh yeah, and he was destined for SmackDown, go figure. It seems like everyone is going there, except for poor Karrion Kross.

Anyways…and as far as storylines are concerned, they wanted him to be a manager for none other than Keith Lee…Adam Cole a manager? Doesn’t make sense.

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What does make sense, is that he made the right decision in going with AEW. That much we can be sure of, dear readers, especially when getting a load of those ideas pitched to him. No wonder he passed on them.

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