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The Taskmaster’s Take on AEW’s NWO-Like Storyline

One Big Thing

Kevin Sullivan, known as The Taskmaster, believes that AEW is heading in an nWo-like direction with their current storyline involving The Elite attacking Kenny Omega and Tony Khan. However, he expresses concerns about Omega’s health and the potential risks involved.

Key Points

  • Sullivan acknowledges the similarities between AEW’s current angle and the nWo’s attack on Eric Bischoff in WCW.
  • He emphasizes the need to be cautious with Omega’s involvement due to his recent injury and battle with diverticulitis.
  • Sullivan suggests a potential resolution at All In at Wembley Stadium, with a “Team AEW” vs. “Team Elite” match.

Sullivan’s Perspective

“Kenny Omega is one of the greatest performers of all time. If he’s not ready to take a bump, you’ve got to be very careful what you do with this angle,” Sullivan stated. He expressed concern about the possibility of Omega getting hurt and referenced the cautious approach taken in the Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns angle in WWE.

Looking Ahead

With 32 episodes of AEW television before All In, Sullivan believes that the nWo-esque storyline could culminate at the event. He suggests involving star power, such as Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho, to team up with Omega against The Elite.

Why It Matters

The success of this storyline hinges on striking a balance between creating compelling television and ensuring the safety of the performers involved, especially considering Omega’s recent health issues. The potential payoff at All In could be a defining moment for AEW, but the execution leading up to it will be crucial.

What do you think about AEW’s current storyline and its similarities to the nWo angle? Will Kenny Omega be able to compete at All In? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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