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Tony Khan Addresses CM Punk’s WWE Return During AEW All In Promotion

Tony Khan, the CEO of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has finally voiced his thoughts regarding CM Punk’s surprising resurgence at WWE’s Survivor Series 2023. While promoting the upcoming AEW All In event at Wembley Stadium, Khan was probed in a BBC West Midlands interview by Steve Hermon on his reaction to seeing Punk back in the WWE ring.

Khan carefully navigated the question, stating, “Can’t talk about that, nor do I think it’s the time or the place. But I appreciate you asking, and I’m very excited about AEW All In at Wembley Stadium.” He emphasized, “Not to dodge or duck your question, it’s just not something I can legally talk about.” While Khan deflected the query regarding Punk, he signaled his excitement for AEW’s international expansion and the grand scale of their planned events in London.

The full scope of the interview, which will encompass discussions on a broad array of topics including All In, renowned wrestlers like Will Ospreay, the iconic Sting, and more, is set to be released. In addition, it’s poised to offer a sneak peek into Khan’s vision beyond wrestling, dipping into his involvement with Fulham FC, a professional football club.

CM Punk’s stint with AEW culminated at the first-ever All In London event held on August 27, where he faced off against Samoa Joe. After a noticeable absence, Punk made an impactful return to WWE at Survivor Series, a move that marked his first WWE appearance in almost a decade. Wresting fans eagerly anticipate his follow-up appearance, which has been announced for Monday Night Raw on November 27 from Nashville, TN.

This narrative evokes curiosity within the wrestling community, especially as Khan chooses to remain reticent on matters concerning Punk, possibly hinting at legal complexities behind the scenes. Followers of the sport can only speculate as to the intricacies and potential developments of this story.

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(Credit to for the interview transcription and to Steve Hermon for sharing the teaser of the interview on social media.)

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