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Tony Khan Addresses The Criticism AEW Has Been Facing Lately

All Elite Wrestling has been facing a lot of criticisms from fans on social media as of late and that is reportedly due to the way AEW President and CEO Tony Khan has been booking the product, the way he is presenting the matches and the meeting WWE had with WBD earlier this week at their headquarters in New York city about RAW’s media rights deal.

Khan recently took part in the ROH Final Battle media scrum, where he addressed all those criticisms.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“To be AEW is to be under constant attack. You do a great show and the next day somebody’s saying something negative. You do five great shows in a row, somebody says something negative. You break the ticket record for the most tickets ever sold for a wrestling show in the history of the world and somebody has something bad to say about it. At this point, I don’t worry about it. We just need to go out and do great shows week after week like we did. We were the number one show on cable this week on Wednesday. We beat every single show on TV on Wednesday out of hundreds and hundreds of shows across hundreds of networks. And if we continue doing it, everybody here’s going to be in a good position.”

Khan also discussed how people will always be gunning after you no matter how good you do and how the other people in his position have gone out of business and he is the only one left.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“To be AEW, no matter how good you do, there will be people coming for you, gunning for you. Because that’s what this is. There’s a reason that every single person who stepped into my position until now has gone out of business. I’m the only one left. Everybody who stepped up and put millions of dollars into this and done it week after week, and there’s no offseason, you do it 52 weeks a year, it’s a fight. And that’s a credit to the fans. I know what it is to be a wrestling fan 52 weeks a year. It’s hard. But it’s also the most rewarding thing. That’s why you can’t get away from it for too long. That’s why we always come back to it. We’re addicted and it’s worth fighting.”

You can check out Tony Khan’s comments in the video below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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