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Tony Khan Says Beach Break Will Replace Bash At The Beach

All Elite Wrestling has mainly had four major PPV Events since the company’s inception and those are Double Or Nothing, All Out, Full Gear, and Revolution. AEW President and CEO Tony Khan took part in a Full Gear Media Scrum following Saturday’s PPV where he talked about a number of topics, including AEW’s next PPV Event known as Revolution, taking place in just four months on February 27th.

Khan also talked about not bringing back Bash At The Beach in January and instead, they’ll replace it with Beach Break. Beach Break will likely air as a special episode of Dynamite, much like they did with Bash At The Beach.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“What a question Bill, you’ve t’d up news that I am going to break, there’s going to be Beach Break in January and in December we’ve got some huge events taking place also.” “The Dynamites coming up are going to be huge, too.” “So, we’ve got some really big Dynamites coming up, and some big events in December.” “We’ll see some of our biggest shows we’ve done, I think, in January. Beach Break will be a great event.”

It was previously reported that the WWE filed to trademark six former WCW names, including Slamboree, The Match Beyond, Bunkhouse Stampede, BattleBowl, SuperBrawl and Bash At The Beach, which is the reason why AEW can’t use the Bash At The Beach name and decided to use a different name in Beach Break.

Tony Khan was then asked in the scrum about expanding how many PPV Events they put on each year, but Khan noted that he wants to stick with the big four PPVS and also have huge episodes of Dynamite (with various themes), which are huge draws.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“I love our big four shows, I think Revolution, Double or Nothing, All Out, and Full Gear as the big shows spaced out throughout the year provides anticipation while Dynamite, we have huge episodes of Dynamite (with various themes) are huge draws.”

You can check out Tony Khan’s comments in the video below:

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