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Tony Khan States Major Changes Coming To The All In Highly Criticized Card

AEW’s All In was perhaps one of the most anticipated live events in all of professional wrestling in a long time – ‘was’ being the operative word there… Because once the card was revealed, many were disappointed in the lineup of matches. Tony Khan stated in a media call that he is intending to make a few changes.

If that has anything to do with the backlash of emotions from fans coming after the release of the card and matches, we do not know, but to say that the lineup was disappointing and what many were expecting is an understatement.

The event is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday August 27th, 2023. He stated in a media call that there are changes to be expected. Here’s some of what he had to say during that call, as per a piece at Pritchard:

“There will be adjustments to the card. Some of them have been planned from the beginning; some of them are things that we’re dealing with on the fly…I wish that everything in pro wrestling happened in a vacuum, and that all of our best ideas, as they played out on paper, didn’t get changed up…

This has been very challenging, but honestly, I’ve been through a lot of challenging stuff. Any time we do a show, there’s going to a bunch of wrestling matches, and you have to accept the possibility there may be injuries and things that are gonna change the card. There’s been a lot of that with this show…

I’m going to be honest with you about more stuff…I expect more changes. They were not changes I wanted to make or planned to make…I’m not talking about the world championship match or the world tag team title match. There will probably be some other changes to the card necessitated by things happening in the world. In some cases, stuff that’s nobody’s fault, but stuff that is not related to the world of professional wrestling…

I am going to try to work through this week to make it as strong as possible, actually making the card hopefully better than it has been. But yeah, there will be changes to the card. I plan to add something, and I might have to make some changes in the body of the card as it stands right now…

But they’re not substantive changes that will change the quality of the show. I’m very glad that the big matches are in such a good position right now. I think you’re gonna have to stay tuned.”

-via AEW on YouTube

So in the end he admits that the card was disappointing in a sense. By stating that he can make the card better with these changes proves that he wasn’t happy with the overall lineup, but the secrecy still will undoubtedly raise a few questions going into Sunday…

Many have talked about potential surprises. Goldberg and Edge being some of those possible surprises, but that is nowhere near concrete and is just conjecture online and we all know how that can go.

But his comments do raise even more questions, as stated, for anyone paying attention. He said he didn’t want to make some of these changes but “has to.” He mentioned injuries. He did mention that the tag and main event matches will remain as such, so Cash Wheeler’s legal issues won’t seem to be a factor in these changes.

So, dear readers, I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned and see what he means…

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