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Tony Nese Backstage at AEW Dynamite—Pete Dunne Soon to be a Free Agent—Kenny Omega: An Inspiration To One And All

With the former Ever-Rise (now 2.0) premiering on Dynamite this week, where they faced Jon Moxley, Darby Allin and Eddie Kingston, the pathway has most definitely been cleared for many more NXT stars to make their way to greener pastures. “Who’s Next?” to quote Bill Goldberg. Judging by who was backstage at Dynamite this week and whose contract is set to expire over at WWE, you’d be surprised to see who just might be on their way as well.

It’ no longer a mystery that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are on their way, and there have been hints at Ric Flair’s coming over and even Bray Wyatt.

And in separate news, top wrestlers inspire somebody every day for whatever reason, and maybe that should go without saying, but Colt Cabana featured a very touching story on his podcast recently that warmed the hearts of his listeners and Cabana himself.

Tony Nese amongst another backstage at Dynamite this week

Unfortunately on a smaller scale, the releasing of Tony Nese was just as shocking to some as the release of bigger names over at WWE in recent weeks. Nese, who essentially was the face of the WWE program, 205 Live, was unceremoniously released just last June, and much to the chagrin of those who thought him a rising star…this writer included.

Yet according to, he was backstage in Jacksonville on Wednesday. Also there, was Kiera Hogan from Impact Wrestling.

If this means a future signing for both of these wrestlers, we don’t know as of yet but will keep you posted, readers.

Both are in top shape and are aces in the ring; they both would have a lot to offer to an already stellar program.

Dunne’s contract expires soon

And to speak of yet another NXT star and definite rising star of WWE, and maybe one who has a wee bit more of notoriety as of late, Pete Dunne’s contract is set to expire, as has been reported by f4wonline, and the rumor mill is already speeding up about if he will be jumping ship as well.

Dunne has been part of many main angles on NXT as of late and definitely saw a lot of TV time, but these days, with WWE that means diddly-squat, as we learned from the release of The Fiend, Bray Wyatt.

Omega helps get someone off the ledge (without ever even knowing it)

The story was phoned in by an anonymous caller on the Wrestling Anonymous Podcast with Colt Cabana, and the story essentially goes into how a man working security at a shopping center, found a youngster sitting on a ledge atop the parking garage where he worked. After talking to the sixteen year-old for a few minutes, trying to understand what had gotten him up there, he realized he was wearing a Bullet Club T-Shirt; being a wrestling fan himself, he told the youngster the he couldn’t miss the upcoming Okada vs. Omega match (as a side note, a match that was an exquisite masterpiece by the way); essentially he needed to stay alive to witness that, seeing that he was such an Omega fan. The guard then asked him to give him a Bullet Club Too Sweet Salute, and when he did, the security guard grabbed his wrist, resulting in the young man to break down and hug him.

Kenny Omega chimed in on Twitter, after hearing about the situation.

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