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Unknown Wrestler Reveals Real-Life Issues Between Punk And Kingston

Last week’s episode of AEW Rampage featured an in-ring segment between CM Punk and Eddie Kingston and the promos they cut on each other was reportedly based on real-life issues that happened between Punk and Kingston over 15 years ago in an IWA Mid South locker room. Several fans took to social media and wanted to know what exactly happened between them.

An unknown wrestler who said he was there in the locker room with both AEW Stars during the time that the incident happened revealed the entire story to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and both CM Punk and Eddie Kingston made it perfectly clear during their in-ring segment that what they were saying to each other was not made up and that it was something real and genuine.

This is what the unknown wrestler said:

“I can fully vouch for Eddie’s promo on Punk the other night. I was sitting right there in an IWA Mid South locker room when Punk called Eddie and his partner at the time, Blackjack Marciano, fat, lazy and unsafe. Marciano had just accidentally injured Delirious in a previous match and Punk was hot about it, so just buried them nonstop. I could see why Eddie hung onto that hate and anger for so long.”

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