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Vickie Guerrero On Andrade Signing With AEW, Life With Eddie

AEW talent Vickie Guerrero recently appeared on the “It’s Our House” podcast, where she discussed the promotion signing Andrade El Idolo, her life with Eddie Guerrero, her character evolving, how Dominic Mysterio coped during the custody storyline and her life after Eddie Guerrero passed.

Below are the highlights:

On the promotion signing Andrade El Idolo:

“From my own personal opinion, Andrade El Idolo is just an amazing talent. I mean so incredibly creative in the ring. Of course you know he has such a great legacy in Mexico and it’s a perfect fit for All Elite Wrestling. I knew the day of that I was going to be working with him. Tony Khan makes all the decisions in All Elite Wrestling so when he said hey I have someone for you to come meet and when I went to the trailer and saw him I was just ecstatic. I’ve never met him personally, so to be able to you know sit down and talk to him, he’s such a polite gentleman and so humble, and I think that we’re just going to have some great times at All Elite Wrestling.”

“I think he was really underutilized in WWE and that’s just my personal opinion and I think that there’s just a lot of talent in one show, and you know that’s just the basic recipe that a lot of promotions face, But I think he’s just gonna have a really great time at All Elite Wrestling. Number one, because he’s working with me, and number two is, there’s just a lot of great wrestlers here in All Elite Wrestling that he’s going to be able to have these incredible matches with.”

On her life with Eddie Guerrero:

“I always say it was chaos and never a dull moment. Performing with Eddie was very comforting to me because he was always taking care of me in the ring and whether it’s backstage or whatever we had to do with Rey and Dominic, I wasn’t scared at all because I had Eddie by my side. Then when Eddie passed and I came back to work with Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and and all the great guys in WWE It was very terrifying for me. But I think just by watching Eddie for so many years and watching the product and being a fan of wrestling, I guess I kind of grew accustomed to what I thought Vickie Guerrero should be.”

On her character evolving:

“So the easiest way was to be a bitch, which every woman can have their own way, and me being the older woman coming in into WWE when I did, I was the older one compared to some of the Superstars I was working with so to have that cougar character. It all just fit together, and I loved it. I mean it took a long time for me to know who Vickie Guerrero the character was and what I was supposed to be doing, but I just had to. Dusty Rhodes is the one who said, just be me and don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do on my own, you know, which made a lot of sense. So, when they gave me something to do or to read, I had to make sure that that was what Vickie Guerrero would say, and that was a lot easier for me because I just had to be real.”

On how Dominic Mysterio coped during the custody storyline:

“He was such a natural, just like you know with my girls they were all involved with the wrestling product every Monday and Friday you know we’re all watching wrestling so the kids, Dominic and my girls. It was very easy for them to follow the storylines especially when Rey and Eddie were performing. We just kind of followed suit to enjoy the storyline so Dominic was – he was incredibly talented. He shows today how far he’s been, succeeding in the wrestling industry. So to see him become this great character on his own, I had no doubts about that because I just saw him as a kid, he wasn’t scared of the camera and kept all the direction really well. I think that’s just something that was just really easy for him and I’m really proud of him and he taught me a lot and we were all learning together. To see how he’s grown, is just incredibly fascinating to me.”

On her life after Eddie Guerrero passed:

“Just a couple of things that come to mind is, remember my faith, I pray every time I go out before a match or anything I want to do. I give everything to God and I give him the credit for my talent, my mind, my body being good, because without those little things, I wouldn’t have made it this far, and Eddie was very strong in his faith and that was something that resonated with me. Even after you pass, you know to keep that going and whatever I did, I was gonna always give thanks to God.”

“Then also respecting the fans – these are the people that pay for tickets to watch us, they feed our family, they helped me pay my bills. And so when I see the fans I always give respect to them by, you know, whether it’s an autograph or to just hear what they have to say or I try and answer my DMs on social media, and there’s a few creeps I mean there’s a few things that are kind of weird but for the most part my fan base is incredibly supportive, and I, I can’t do anything without them and I always give them credit, you know, for me, being this small long in to my legacy, That’s something that’s unheard of.”

You can check out Vickie Guerrero’s comments in the video below:

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