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Vickie Guerrero Says She’s Writing A Book On Her And Eddie

Former WWE Star, who is one of the greatest managers in pro wrestling history, Vickie Guerrero, was a guest on a recent episode of AEW’s Unrestricted podcast, where she answered some questions from fans, with one fan asking her what her husband, WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, would be doing outside of pro wrestling if he were still alive today.

This is what Vickie Guerrero said:

“He always wanted to open up his own wrestling school right before he passed away.” “I think he would have been a great agent. I think that would have been something he would have loved to have done is to mentor a lot of the younger guys, and I can see him being an actor because he was so entertaining.”

Vickie Guerrero then talked about Eddie Guerrero cheating a lot with her as well as the girls playing games at home as he hated to lose. Vickie Guerrero also talked about writing a book documenting Eddie and her lives.

This is what Vickie Guerrero said:

“There’s so many variations but Eddie cheated a lot with me and the girls playing games at home.” “If we were playing cards, he always had extra cards to pull out and win at poker or whatever, but he was a cheater. He hated to lose. I’m writing a book, so I have some stories in there sharing Eddie with the public.”

“Eddie, he was a horrible loser. He had a bad attitude. If you thought that he would get mad in the ring, he had like a little three-year-old whenever the girls won against something with him. He was a horrible loser. Just something that you really need to understand in my life going through Eddie and living with him was he hated to lose.”

Vickie Guerrero then talked about her book in more details and that she is hoping to release the book by August or September.

This is what Vickie Guerrero said:

“In the next three weeks, we’re going to the publishers, and we’re going to try and sell our book.”“I’ve been working on it for the last three years, and with COVID, everything just stopped, but we’re starting to pick it up again and things are starting to open in New York.”

“So hopefully we get a buyer, then we’ll go to print and then it’ll be released probably, hopefully, by August or September, but I’m really proud of the book. And it’s my side of living with Eddie and going through life as a housewife and then turning into a Superstar, so it’s pretty incredible.”

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