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Video: AEW Footage Of Bryan Danielson Getting Care After Will Ospreay Dynasty Match

One Big Thing

The dream match at AEW Dynasty between Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay ended with concerns over Danielson’s health after he received the Storm Driver ’93. AEW released footage showing the post-match care Danielson received backstage.

Key Moments

  • Ospreay delivered the Storm Driver ’93 to Danielson, causing visible distress.
  • Despite medical concern, Ospreay followed up with the Hidden Blade to secure the victory.
  • Backstage, AEW footage captured Ospreay and medical staff attending to Danielson.

Behind the Scenes

Post-match, Danielson was escorted to the trainers’ office by Ospreay and Dr. Michael Samson. Once there, Danielson requested privacy from the cameras. The sequence highlighted the care taken with potentially injured wrestlers and Ospreay’s concern over Danielson’s wellbeing.

Why It Matters

The match has been hailed as a classic, but the use of the Storm Driver ’93 – a move known for its danger and historical significance – has reignited discussions about wrestler safety and the limits of in-ring performance. This incident at AEW Dynasty brings attention to the risks wrestlers take to entertain fans, illustrating the fine line between performing high-risk maneuvers and ensuring athlete safety.

Historical Context

The Storm Driver ’93, previously known as the Tiger Driver ’91, traces its origin to Japanese wrestling legend Mitsuharu Misawa. Its rarified use due to its perilous nature emphasizes the seriousness of the move’s application in the match and the concern for Danielson’s health thereafter.

What are your thoughts on the use of dangerous moves like the Storm Driver ’93 in wrestling today? Leave a comment below.

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