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Vince McMahon Had Tony Khan/Nick Khan Sign Removed On RAW

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon as well as other top WWE executives, including Kevin Dunn, Bruce Prichard, and Adam Pearce were not on RAW this past Monday night as Prichard was reportedly dealing with a non-COVID-19 related health issue, which forced him to miss a number of shows as of late and there was no mention of why the other executives were not present, but it’s believed that they were told to remain home and stay clear of the virus, so that they would be protected because they are the key people who are needed to be at the WWE Day 1 PPV this coming Saturday.

Despite Vince McMahon not being on RAW last Monday night, he was very much involved with the show and he even watched the show via a direct connection to the production truck feed. Vince McMahon also had constant communication with the key people, so that he could give them the proper guidance as well as instructions to make the changes he feels is needed.

Dave Meltzer noted on a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there was a fan sign brought to RAW this past Monday night that said “Nick=Con Tony=Khan” and as soon as Vince saw the fan sign he had “quite a reaction” and he had people at the show remove the sign, which was gone in a few seconds.

The sign was a direct reference to WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan as well as AEW’s President and CEO Tony Khan, where negative comments were made about Nick Khan, and positive comments were made about Tony Khan.

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