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Wardlow Comments On Tony Khan’s Acquisition Of ROH—Chris Bey Wants Cody Rhodes Back In The Bullet Club

The situation between Wardlow and MJF seems to be building to some sort of explosive end. For the time being MJF has his hands full with CM Punk and if he falls to Punk this Sunday at Revolution during their Dog Collar Match, I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that Wardlow will have something to do with that.

via Wrestling Rollicking /YouTube

As for his own match record, Wardlow has been amassing quite the line of victories and is impressive in the ring, putting forth the sort of power wrestler style embodied by previous legends like The British Bulldog and Batista to name a few.

He recently spoke about Tony Khan’s recent acquisition of ROH and what he’d like to see happen now that ROH has been added to the AEW platform. It was while he spoke on Wrestling Inc Daily with managing editor Nick Hausman that he made the following statement:

“I think it is awesome, just for the world of wrestling in general. We have obviously seen what Tony can do with a product. So, I believe Ring Of Honor is about to thrive like never before. Man, I would just like to see another quality wrestling product. Another, not just another option, but a real option…

A good option, and an enjoyable, entertaining option…an alternative for wrestling; just something a little different, man. There’s so much talent in the business of wrestling, and there’s so many free agents, I feel like Ring Of Honor is going to be a great place for all of these people to go, and shine, like they deserve.”

via Wrestling Inc Daily /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)

Chris Bey wants Cody Rhodes back in The Bullet Club

via NJPW /YouTube

Despite rumors that Cody Rhodes would be joining WWE, there are those now saying that these plans have been put on hold. Specifically reported by Cassidy Haynes at, the conversation Rhodes and WWE have been having since he parted ways with AEW have seemingly ended…specifically Haynes used the term “fizzled out.”

Other rumors have recently started, stating that perhaps Rhodes could head ROH for Tony Khan, but such rumors were shut down by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

In truth, nothing is clear as to what will happen as of yet, with Rhodes’ future, or with ROH now that it’s under the umbrella of AEW.

Chris Bey of Impact Wrestling and a member of the Bullet Club faction of legendary renown, has said that he wants Cody back on the team, however. It was while he spoke with Ross Tweddell on an episode of  Straight To Hell, that he said the following:

“I’ve got all the love in my heart for Cody. He showed me love, so if he wants to come back to Bullet Club, if he wants to make some real money, if he wants to come cement his legacy – the Rhodes legacy – by taking over with the greatest faction in professional wrestling in 2022 and upward, then he should come home to Bullet Club…

So Cody, if you’re hearing this and you’re still a free agent, you have my number and I have your number. Let’s talk!”

via Chris Bey on STRAIGHT TO HELL / (Transcription)

Cody has spoken extremely well of Bey in the past, but although there a lot of questions about Cody’s future, we’re confident that at this stage of his career, he’ll land where is best for him.

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