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Why There Was No Wrestlers In The Crowd On Wed’s Dynamite

It was reported on a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio Program that AEW taped a significant amount of content prior and following this past Wednesday night’s episode of Dynamite, but it wasn’t made perfectly clear what exactly was filmed and for what programs whether it was Dynamite or Dark.

This past Wednesday night’s episode of Dynamite was the second week in a row that Dynamite aired from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, which is a closed location with no fans in attendance due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dave Meltzer on a recent Wrestling Observer Radio Program said that All Elite Wrestling was not allowed to have wrestlers in the crowd during this past Wednesday’s Dynamite like they did last week.

Federal and state officials in the Florida area have reportedly placed strict restrictions on events with more than 10 people as a way to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. All Elite Wrestling reportedly had to follow the “Rule of 10” for this past Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, which is why they used the backstage area instead to place stars such as Billy Gunn, Shawn Spears, Dasha Gonzalez and a few others, instead of placing them in the crowd to make noise like they did last week.

There was even speculations that All Elite Wrestling was looking to spread 30 or 50 people all over Daily’s Place due to its size, to possibly work around the restrictions, but Dave Meltzer noted that AEW did not have that option as they did not dictate the rules, and the rules said that they couldn’t have the wrestlers in the crowd on Wednesday’s Dynamite. AEW had to have ring announcer Brandi Rhodes at ringside, along with a referee, cameramen, and a few others, and that was as many as they could have.

Meltzer also noted that AEW had some complaints, apparently over how many people they were able to use on Dynamite this past Wednesday night, but there is no word yet on who exactly made the complaints, but it was noted that the politics of pro wrestling were involved. It was indicated by Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live that TNT officials told AEW last week that they could have up to 50 people on an open set.

Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, things have changed at an extremely quick pace and while Bryan Alvarez wasn’t exactly sure, it was speculated that the number of 50 people on an open set was changed to about 10 people, to go along with the recent guidelines advised by the federal government.

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