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Will Ospreay Has Some ‘Fighting Words’ For One Kenny Omega…But Are They Legit Or Just A Work?

Now talk about dream matches. Many NJPW and AEW fans have been waiting for a match between these two geniuses of the pro wrestling ring. The two of course faced each other at PWG years ago, and what a treat that was. But since then they’ve only each gotten much better…so to see them square off nowadays would be epic for sure.

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The PWG match was a masterpiece the likes of which hasn’t been put to canvas in professional wrestling since the days of Owen Hart and the British Bulldog. Watch it if you don’t believe me.

Hinting at such a match has happened before…each of them saying few words about the other…sometimes disparaging and sometimes or rather rarely in praise, but it wasn’t until now that Will Ospreay got a tad more aggressive in how he feels about the former king of NJPW.

He made the following statements while speaking with Wrestle Inn. Now many would wonder if there is a real beef between the two, or is this just pro wrestling 101…the two trying to build up hype for a match for the ages? Decide for yourself, dear readers…

*Omega called Ospreay ‘forgettable,’ according to

“It’s belittling (in reference to some digs that Omega threw Ospreay’s way in a interview a little while back)…He’s only doing it because of the interview side of things, he has to try and save face. You saw his true colors there. He wanted to bury me and he couldn’t. This comes from a long line of things…

Even speaking of AEW, it is only because I hang around with the boys after and we’re all smoking and talking s***. Apparently, the rumor was that I was meant to be there a year ago, just doing ‘forbidden door’ stuff and somebody is putting the block on it. It doesn’t take two and two to realize who it is. One person who has not been there for a while and all of a sudden, I’m welcomed in with open arms…

This whole thing has generated from back in 2019 (Wrestle Kingdom 13), it was Kenny’s last match and I guess he wanted Ibushi out there to second him. I f****** blew Ibushi’s brain out with the Hidden Blade. He’s super f****** mad at me. The thing is, I’m mad at myself when those situations happen. I don’t want to brain somebody, but it’s a legal wrestling move…

I’m allowed to do it. I’m allowed to do blows to the back of the head, 12-6 elbows down. This is a 9-3 elbow strike; I’m allowed to do it. Obviously, the repercussion is he got knocked out and it was a bad concussion. Since then, myself and Ibushi, we have gone out for drinks. We don’t talk anymore, but after that point, we went for drinks and meals, we’re fine, but Kenny is butthurt off an accident…

He can think what he wants about me, but the motherf***** is such a little b****…The same person who is like, ‘I grew up after six or seven five-star matches.’ No you didn’t, you c***. You vanity search your name on Twitter to see what everybody says and when it’s bad, you cry in the corner of your million-pound house and you’re still bothered by some c*** who sits doing some wrestling matches who is trying to help out, not only the British scene, but the Japanese scene…

Because I’m not an idiot when it comes to my company. We got hit hard by the pandemic. Does that mean I’m taking a day off? No, I’m working my ass off to bring it back because that’s what you said to do. This is the reason I don’t like Kenny. This is where some people can relate. When you say something to me, look me in the eye, and speak to me, when you talk to me and tell me this and then go to fans and talk differently, that’s where we have a problem. You have my number, if we have a problem, call me and we can f****** talk about this. I don’t have anything to say to him…

Be all, end all, I’m sure if everyone was in the same room, I would slap him. The worst thing is, people are gonna listen and be like, ‘They’re building to something.’ We’re not building up to anything. He’s a c***. I will slap that boy and remind him, ‘You’re a f****** 40-year-old man and you’re f****** fragile. Do you really want to get with me? I will end you.’ …

Just know that when you talk s***, it does get back to me. Be aware that there are people, in your workplace, that are talking s*** about you as well. Maybe you’re not coming off smelling roses like you thinking…”

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I mean…whoa, right! Seems legit for sure, but remember one thing: These are professional wrestlers…and a major part of the pro wrestling gig is working the gimmick and selling the angle. I mean good old ‘Soul Man’ himself, Rocky Johnson, taught us all that much didn’t he? Of course he did, God rest his soul, and he taught his son Dwayne a thing or two about that as well.

Trust me, dear readers…when this match happens, it’ll be huge…and the last time they squared off can only be bested, especially after both of them are so much more seasoned.

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