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Why Did Nick Aldis Finally Leave The NWA & What’s Next For The Charismatic Performer?

The internet has been abuzz since news broke that Nick Aldis had left the NWA and was apparently at odds with owner of the company, Billy Corgan. In truth, there have been rumblings to the notion that he and the former Smashing Pumpkins front man have been at odds for quite some time.

Well, the disseverment of Aldis from the company at his own hands finally came and recently he was able to set the record straight as to why he decided to leave when sitting down with Sam Roberts for an interview for an episode of “Notsam Wrestling.”

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As it turns out he was rather embarrassed by the company as well as having many other reasons for leaving. He hated the direction of his character and he hated how he was shown on TV.

In a very deep glimpse into just what went wrong, Aldis dives deep and gets very specific, not wanting anyone to be confused as to why he decided to leave. “One of the most revealing interviews that I’ve done in quite some time,” Roberts revealed before the video got under way…here’s some of what the man himself, Aldis, had to say:

“It moved away from what I had wanted it to be…certainly isn’t what I was laying the groundwork for it to be. It didn’t have the core values that I had tried to sort of maintain. Again, this was not a knock. It was just me going, ‘This isn’t for me anymore.’ …

I wanted to do an alternative wrestling brand that represented all those things about the NWA that people missed in the current product, whether it be from sort of overproduction or from, you know, a different mentality or a different style. Like, let’s give them all those things because I felt like there was a good portion of the audience, particularly in the south, who missed rasslin. That was it. Like I wanted it to be burgers and fries, red, white and blue rasslin because I love that stuff. …

But it wasn’t because it was like I hate high spots and I hate sports entertainment. No, it wasn’t that…So 73, the first St. Louis show for me was kind of like once that business was transacted, it was never the same. Here’s the thing, the first thing that anyone’s gonna say to that and the first thing I’m sure Billy would say, ‘Oh, well because he wasn’t champion anymore’, but the reality is that prior to that, I’d always sort of steered the ship because the world title angle was obviously, like in any promotion, the world title angle should be the one that really anchors the promotion…

I had worked very hard for the last like three years, well even before that, because even when Cody and I kind of traded the belt back and forth, you know, I was still in the thick of it. I’ve worked very hard to make sure that every time I was involved in a world title angle, you know, that it was meaningful. It meant something. Because of that, that helped, I felt was always the driving force. That was always sort of pulling the wagon…

When I wasn’t in that picture anymore, voluntarily, I was the one who said, ‘I think it might be time for a switch here.’ …Like, there’s a piece of business to be done there. It was kind of my baby, you know, I hate getting into these pissing contests of, this was my idea, but that whole angle was kind of my baby, like, kind of soup to nuts, that whole thing. I also knew enough to know that it’s very important, it’s not just about losing the title, it’s what you do after. So I had a whole thing in place…

Here’s what I can do next. I go into this program with Tom. Tom can turn on me because I’m not his meal ticket anymore. I lost the belt. Now, I’m no use to him. I’ll turn baby face because I knew that was what it was coming to. You know what I mean? I could tell that there was so much goodwill and sentiment around; kind of people knew what I had done. You know, they sort of knew, like, it was getting hard for them to continue to hate me. So when, you know, I think the time is right, I’ll be a sympathetic character…

I lost in the middle of the ring, you know, and I sort of passed the torch. I did business…That was the earliest time that I would have been able to do that. It was a situation where like, Okay, we agreed for one year. But whenever I wish to end the agreement, I had to give 60 days’ notice. The earliest possible time that I contractually could do that was November the second. That’s the day I did it. I was just trying to be professional about it. I just typed up a letter and sent it and copied my agent on it. As far as I was concerned, like, that was that. When I decided to let my fans know, it was not in a pipe bomb, you know, sort of situation. It was just, Hey, here’s what’s coming up next. Like, I don’t know where I’m gonna be next, but I’m excited for the future.”

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And so what is next for this very charismatic star? The internet has been rumbling since this news broke and there are indeed many possibilities. He’s worked very closely with Cody Rhodes, Karrion Kross, Dexter Lumis and so many others that are currently on the WWE roster.

He would definitely be at home on that platform, but time will tell on that front. All I will say is that the Royal Rumble is on the horizon and this year feels like a year that just may have a lot of debuts…. Fingers crossed, dear readers.

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