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5 WWE PPV Main Events We Need To See In 2022

WWE is one of the most spectacular and entertaining fighting events. The audience gets to enjoy great action, funny dialog, and twists, and even if everything is scripted the winner is kept a secret until the very end. Currently, everyone is waiting to see what will happen during the Royal Rumble that is going to take place at the end of January. Moreover, casino sites that offer sports betting are having their hands full as the wagers for Royal Rumble are piling up.

Users are analyzing the best offers and trying to figure out who will win, based on their history and involvement in the promotion of Royal Rumble. Right now there is a lot of speculation that Johnny Knoxville will take the title home, given his popularity as Jackass star and the amount of effort he put in for promoting the event. However, there are other fights that we hope to see by the end of 2022. 

Kevin Owens and Finn Balor

Both Kevin and Finn deserve more appreciation, and it seems like both of them are finally getting the hype they deserve. To that end, it would be perfect to see them fight in 2022. These guys are incredibly talented, and they also have a solid friendship outside of the WWE fights, so this could be a really exciting match. They could also use a fresh new storyline to hype their conflict even more and to lead up to an amazing final event. Of course, there are other matches that people want to see, so it’s not too realistic to expect them to be in the final round, but who knows, anything goes in WWE.

Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley

Women division is getting more attention these days, and both Bianca and Rhea are getting more into this spotlight. Currently, there are some other matches that WWE fans might want to see, but it seems like the stage is building up towards the clash of these two. There is no solid evidence yet, but we know that the organizers love to keep things unpredictable, and it’s entirely possible that this will be built up as the next big thing.

As mentioned, the women’s division is getting promoted more each year, and it’s in their interest to create a bigger roster of famous fighters. As a result, more people are now betting on these matches and they use fast payout casinos sites to do so. UK players know that placing bets with these highest paying and bonus rich operators is a smart thing, and they often turn to them for WWE sports wagers. Moreover, casinos will start to rely on WWE brand ambassadors more frequently so they can attract more bettors who are enjoying these matches.

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley

There are many other matchups that fans would love to see that include either one of these two fighters. This is exactly why the clash of these WWE stars makes sense. They are both in their prime and capable of giving the audience an incredibly exciting fight. Another powerhouse is Drew McIntyre, and if he was to be matched up against either of these two it would be a real treat for the spectators.

Roman Reigns and Dwayne The Rock Johnson

If there is one fight that everyone is undoubtedly hyped about and would love to see in 2022 it’s Roman vs. The Rock. First of all, it’s really amazing to see that Rock Johnson is still taking time to participate in WWE. After all, he was one of the highest-paid actors in 2019 and is involved in tons of other projects, so we need to appreciate that he still wants to enter the ring. Moreover, this is probably the biggest event that WWE can create right now, and get a record number of viewers. Finally, the storyline for this match would undoubtedly be epic, so just thinking about it is getting people hyped.

Riddle and Goldberg

If rumors are true, then Goldberg only has one more match left, before his contract expires. In other words, this could be his last year in WWE and it would be great to see him go against Riddle. The reason for this is that Riddle is poised to become one of the biggest WWE stars, so we could be looking at a really epic battle.


So these were some of the potential matchups that everyone would be excited to see in 2022. What will happen in the end, we can’t possibly know, and the upcoming Royal Rumble will

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