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5 WWE Superstars Who Made It Big In Hollywood

The cinema world is blessed with great actors and actresses delivering the performance of a lifetime. Soon enough, the world of WWE gave us more stars and they took a shine to Hollywood. This is why we have a great series of films from the box office that feature the superstars we love and adore.  

We write this article to bring you up to speed on your favorite superstars and which of their Netflix movies to watch in US. If you’re not a Wrestling fan, some of these names may come as a shocker to you. Some of these stars have stayed for cameos and some have gone on to become the biggest names in Hollywood.

Let’s get started with the list of 5 WWE superstars who made it big in Hollywood.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

He’s someone who needs no introduction. Some of the most favorite movies on your list like Baywatch, Central Intelligence, Jumanji, Fast and the Furious series, etc. feature his talented performance. In 2016, he was the highest-paid actor and the second highest in 2017. He currently has projects like DC League of Super-Pets, Jumanji 2, Skyscraper, and Black Adam in the pipeline and his previous performances continue to reign the charts.

Dwayne Johnson also runs a sporting and shoe brand by the name of “Under Armor” and owns a production house that continuously produces TV shows and movies. He has a massive Instagram followership, and one report suggests he makes over a million dollars per Instagram post. 

Dave Batista

Another big name from the world of WWE is Dave Batista. He rose to Hollywood fame quite quickly and will always be remembered by the WWE world as part of the team ‘Evolution’ featuring Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Triple H. He’s always been cast in Hollywood as an action man, which explains his role as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Infinity Wars. Any Marvel show featuring the Guardians had this beast in appearance. 

He was widely recognized for his impressive performance in the movie Spectre, which is part of the James Bond franchise. The movie featured intense fighting sequences and Daniel Craig (James Bond) shared in an interview how they both got tough on each other during a fight scene. It was loved and adored by fans worldwide. 

He also appeared in Blade Runner 2049, Riddick, Final Score, Stuber, etc. He is currently at work with projects like Thor: Love and Thunder, Knives Out 2, and many more.  

John Cena

He’s the face of WWE and a rising face in Hollywood. WWE witnesses him for his outstanding wrestling career and yet, you can’t see him (that’s a joke). The superstar John Cena has been featured in many makes from the WWE studios like Marine, the Legendary, 12 rounds, and more. He has been in many popular films like Suicide Squad, Fast and the Furious 9, Vacation Friends, Bumblebee, and many more.

His current project is the 10th Fast and the Furious movie and Argyle and Peacemaker. He’s been nominated for Teen Choice Awards and Daytime Emmy awards and was a winner of CinemaCon’s Action star of the year. 

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

All who remember the legendary 3:16, say “HELL YEAH!”. Only WWE fans can get that reference because that only means the entry of Stone-Cold Steve Austin. He has been an absolute beast in the WWE sphere and bought the same level of action, energy, and power to the world of Hollywood.

He has featured in various movies like recoil, born to fight, damage, maximum conviction, deadly target, and tactical force. One of his greatest performances comes to us from the movie “The condemned”. His macho role has cast him as a bully to Adam Sandler in “Grownups” and as a tough guy in the movie “Expendables”.  

Ronda Rousey

The last celebrity on our list made her way into the industry after a struggling career in UFC and a stronger career in WWE. Ronda Rousey is recognized for having a strong female impact in the world of wrestling. As far as her acting career is concerned, she’s been in multiple cameos in movies like Fast and the Furious 7, Mortal Kombat, Entourage, 9-1-1, and Mile-22.

Her incredible journey is also featured in a movie called Ronda Rousey Story: Through my father’s eyes. It shows her struggle and effort towards superstardom. Even after such, she’s had a more impactful career in UFC.  


Many WWE Superstars have gone to the world of Hollywood and make cameo appearances now and then. Some notable examples are The Great Khali, Hulk Hogan, Trisha Stratus, Chyna, Kevin Nash, and many more.

Out of these many wrestlers, we’ve seen the most prominent success in the career of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The second most prominent career comes from John Cena. If you’re an action lover, we just listed the movies of your favorite WWE superstars. So, grab your popcorn, turn off the outside world, and have a great time streaming the best of these superstars. 

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