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The Most Popular Wrestler Who Loves Playing Online Casino Games

Wrestling is one of the most famous forms of entertainment known across the world. Most of the wrestlers always dedicate their lives to participating in this famous sport, and there is little space allowed for risks, which is why wrestlers are sometimes tagged with gamblers at casinos.  Years of training, several hours at gyms and arenas in a bid to improve their performance on stage. They are some of the most dedicated professionals in the sports world. However, they are all human and they also need some time to themselves for relaxation, carry out their side hobby, or an activity to relieve them of stress. The glitz and glamour world is all too attractive for wrestlers not to take part in it, in fact, you would be surprised if no wrestlers take part in gambling. According to there are several wrestlers that have been spotted at casinos to play games like blackjack, craps, slots, poker and many other games you can find at the brick and mortar establishment.

John Cena

Famously known to be one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time, John Cena is now often seen in Hollywood movies these days as he is now more invested in his acting career. His recent appearance in the entertainment industry was when he starred as Peacemaker in the Suicide Squad movie in 2021, as well as the Peacemaker TV series which aired on HBO. John Cena, however, also love playing poker at casinos in the past. In his years as a wrestler in the WWE, he was a famous Texas Hold’em player and he even admitted his love for the casino game in his interview with Bluff Magazine after being lured to play the game from watching the World Series of Poker on TV.

The interview happened in 2006 when the real money online casino gaming in Canada is just picking up in popularity. According to many, that period was the golden era of Texas Hold’em poker, and it also helped in increasing the popularity of the online gambling industry at the time. Poker, slots, craps, blackjack and other casino games were developed to be readily available to players who want to try their luck.

Dana White

If you love wrestling, you should also love UFC and if you know UFC, you should probably know who Dana White Jr is. The president of the UFC is famously known to be a casino enthusiast and he is quite successful at playing casino games. His best casino game is blackjack, and he is the type that comes with big stakes, luck and knowledge with his huge money. Dana White’s wagers are said to be as high as $25000. He is quite popular as a blackjack player considering he is great at playing the casino game. In order to become a great online blackjack star, you don’t have to think about how to trick the video game, but you have to be good at math and understand all the catches and be a good strategist. At Palm Casino, White was banned from playing blackjack. Before doing that, they had to place special restrictions for White, to reduce his chances of winning at the casino. The main reason for his ban was due to his huge winnings that go as far as $5 million.

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