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7 Most Iconic Pro Wrestling Events

WWE events are popular with viewers from around the world. Every year millions tune in to Smackdown and Monday Night RAW programs. Over the years, the organization hosted one of the top events in the history of pro wrestling. The likes of John Cena, Dwaine Johnson, Hulk Hogan, and other big stars participated in them.

Some of them are celebrated to this day, while others were abandoned. WWE special events are one of the most watched in sports history. But, these 7 remain one of the most popular among the fans of professional wrestling.

  1. Wrestlemania

The top spot couldn’t have gone to anybody else. Many fans think that it’s the best pro-wrestling event. Since starting back in 1985, it has remained WWE’s top event for 32 years straight. Students from all over the world use “write my assignment” platforms to not miss a single bout. Pro wrestlers from around the world are honored to walk into the ring during this monumental event. 

Among its most known appearances are:

  • Triple H
  • The Rock
  • Undertaker
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Shawn Michaels

The event brought in massive revenue around the world. WWE also made a fortune from media and merchandise. Wrestlemania made the sport more popular among mainstream audiences. The sports event masterminded by Vince Mcmahon had its fair share of iconic fights. Many of its participants went on to build successful movie careers.

  1. Royal Rumble

The second place on this list is the appetizer before the main course of Wrestlemania. It’s one of the most popular WWE events that thousands of fans look forward to. Royal Rumble sets the tone for the rivalries that will be resolved at WrestleMania. As its name suggests, Royal Rumble is a battle royale-type event with 30 participants.

Its winner gets a straight ticket to WrestleMania and a chance to win the event in April. This WWE is famous for its unpredictable nature. Sometimes the winner was completely unexpected. Other times WWE had past superstars come out of retirement. 

A number of wrestlers set up new records. Currently, Stone Cold Steve Austin has the biggest number of wins in this event. Kane is believed to have defeated the biggest number of contestants in the event’s history. Santino Marella is infamous for lasting 1 second in a match.

  1. SummerSlam

WWE believes the next spot on the list to be their biggest event after Wrestlemania. The first SummerSlam was in Madison Square Garden back in 1988. The first out of four major events on the wrestling calendar year is considered one of the biggest summer events. Over the years, fans witnessed some of the greatest fights in the history of pro wrestling.

One of the biggest events has to be the match between Brock Lesnar and the Rock during the 2002 event. This event launched Lesnar’s career. Two years prior, Shane Mcmahon had the adoration of the fans during the bout with Steve Blackman. Another shocker came in the form of John Cena being defeated two times.

  1. Survivor Series

The fourth position rightfully goes to the Survivor Series. It was one of the first WWE-produced events. The Survivor Series is one of the longest-running events from WWE. It’s two years younger than Wrestlemania. The series is based on tag team elimination matches that became a genre of its own. At the time, it was one of the most significant WWE events.

One of the most infamous events of the series was the Montreal Screwjob. During the 1997 Survivor Series, Vince Mcmahon betrayed Bret Hart and manipulated results in favor of Shawn Michaels. It also had one of the most exciting storylines, which restored the WWE’s status as the only top pro-wrestling organization.

  1. Elimination Chamber

This event was originally a wrestling match between Eric Bischoff and Triple H in 2002. Due to its popularity, the Elimination Chamber soon became an event in its own right. The WWE replaced the No Way Out event with it in 2010. Through the years, it has become one of the most important yearly events.

The event has 6 top pro wrestlers locked inside a steel cage. The first two participants start first, while the four others are unleashed at different parts of the fight. Only a few fighters have been victorious in the event. It’s also the place where the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship are contested.

During its run, fans saw the likes of CM Punk, John Cena, Edge, and others. Cena managed to win the series twice, with Punk, Orton, and Edge taking the crown once. Ryback was the last wrestler to win the Elimination Cage in 2015.

  1. No Mercy

This event isn’t a part of the big WWE four. Despite this, No Mercy has millions of fans around the world. The bout was first introduced by WWE in 2003. It was an exclusive event by SmackDown. No Mercy ran until 2008 until its resurrection in 2016. The first event of its kind was held in Manchester in 1999.

It involved the wrestlers Triple H, Undertaker, and Stone Cold. The last of the bunch defeated his opponents. Even the participation of X-Pac, Kane, and Corporate couldn’t keep him down. A year later, the bout saw a fierce fight between Kurt Angle and The Rock. The modern foundation of No Mercy was laid during the 2002-2003 period.

  1. King of the Ring

The number 7 spot in this chart was once one of WWE’s biggest events. The King of the Ring became an official event in 1993. Since 1985 it has been run as a single-elimination tournament. In this event, 16 wrestlers partake in one-on-one single-elimination matches. The remaining bouts are held until a winner is decided.

The King of the Ring was held until 2002. But, it was revived in 2008, 2010, and 2015. The 1996 victory speech delivered by Stone Cold is credited for starting the Attitude Era of the organization. It even coined one of the most popular catchphrases in the history of professional wrestling called “Austin 3:16”.


WWE saw its share of top events over the last couple of decades. With the current quality of content, viewers can expect more exciting matches and events to come. We hope these seven iconic pro wrestling events have sparked your interest and made you fall in love with pro wrestling even more.

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