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All Elite Wrestling Beauties — The Most Stunning Female Players

AEW sport is very excited about and not only because of the battles. We just love the players. The big masculine male players are giving us such phenomenal shows, but we are already in love with some of the stunning beauties in this sport. They are gorgeous but powerful and certainly can kick the ass of many men. Let’s have a look at some of them and their stories. 

What is AEW?

AEW or  All Elite Wrestling is a sport very similar to WWE. However, it involves a lot more competitive spirit and is considered a more serious sport. This is because even though it is still very much meant for entertaining, some say it is not as staged and fake as WWE. This is why many WWE players that wanted more and more significant competition moved to AEW

Both AEW and WWE are a source of entertainment for many fans. The sports fan base is huge, and there is a reason for it. Many people grew up with that, and others just love the fights. This is why there are multiple channels in every country that broadcast the fights. However, not all of them. This is why finding a good streaming site where you can watch every game you want is essential, so you don’t miss anything. You can check some of the most-visited sports streaming sites online and find the perfect one for you. Like this, you will be sure that you can watch the fights of your favorite players from any place.

The most beautiful female players in All Elite Wrestling

AEW is packed with beautiful female players that just make the sport even more exciting. We love to watch them fight, but we also just love to watch them. All of them are really good players, and this is why we became their fans, but the looks helped for sure. Let’s mention just a small part of those beauties and some details about them.

Hikaru Shida

Hikaru Shida is an Asian beauty that we love to watch in the ring and outside of it. And she is not offering us only looks but also talent. She is the longest-reigning champion of All Elite Wrestling in the women’s division. She doesn’t speak a lot of English, but this makes us somehow even more charming. There is also a bit of shyness in her that makes you ask yourself how she is suddenly becoming that confident beast during fights.

Red Velvet

Judging by the name, you can definitely expect something sweet but at the same time hot from that lady. She is one of the newest stars in the female division of All Elite Wrestling. Her star appeared on the horizon after the “AEW Dark” show on YouTube. She is not the most experience and not with the best technic, but she is definitely one of the players with the best smiles. 

Tay Conti

That blond former NXT player is just keeping all the eyes on her. She is just stunning, and she is proving her talent in AEW. Similar to Red Velvet, she became best known for the “AEW Dark” show. Tay is from Brazil, and we can see this in her temper as well. But this female player is also so charming in front of the camera, whether it is when she is fighting or when she is giving an interview or making a photo session. 

Thunder Rosa

Another Latin beauty, but this time from Mexico, is Thunder Rosa. In many of her games, we can see that she is very proud of her nationality and heritage. And this is making us love her even more. Her smile is just contagious, and we can’t stop watching her. 

Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes is a very controversial player in the All Elite Wrestling world, but this doesn’t change the fact that she is just so beautiful. This is why she is also a primary choice of many brands to be the face of their campaigns. She manages to look stunning even when fighting, and we can’t even imagine how she does that. She is very confident, making us love her and hate her simultaneously. And no matter what, no one can deny that she is gorgeous. 

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Who said that this sport is not for smart women? Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. is here to prove them wrong. And on top of that, she is just so beautiful. This female player is one of the best in the sport, and even many of them say the best. She is confident, beautiful, intelligent, and everything else that a woman needs to be successful not only in the AEW world but in general. 

Final words

All Elite Wrestling world is full of beautiful women, and we mentioned just a couple of them. We know that they and all the rest have substantial fan clubs that will support them through their career because of their talents, but surely they love them because of their looks as well. Hopefully, we will be able to see a lot more of them on the ring and outside of it. 

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