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Basic Pro Wrestling Moves That Can Still Injure As a Pro

Many pro wrestling techniques may look simple when performed, but if done incorrectly they can lead to serious injuries.

Pro wrestling moves can be very difficult, and they can also cause injury to the performer as well as the wrestler. A Shooting Star Press is a very difficult move that has caused injuries to many wrestlers over the years, in promotions such as WWE or WCW.

Fans tend to forget that even simple moves can lead to serious injury. Even if a move seems simple, it can still cause injury. Order your homework from and enjoy the best of WWE in free time! Without further ado let’s have a look at 10 basic moves in pro wrestling that can cause serious injuries.


Many fans, who shouldn’t, perform the suplex at home. It’s important to note that just because a move is basic doesn’t mean you can’t get seriously injured. Over the years several wrestlers suffered serious injuries after taking a Suplex.

One of the latest examples is BigE. He suffered a severe neck injury when he took a belly to belly suplex from Ridge Holland.


The DDT, which is an extremely basic move, can be performed with ease by any pro wrestler. The DDT is a basic move that any pro wrestler can perform with ease.

If the DDT is not executed correctly by both wrestlers, the wrestler receiving the DDT can hit his head, or even face, directly into the mat. This can result in serious injury.

Baseball Slide

The baseball slide, although it is easy to do and difficult to make a mistake, can still result in serious injury.

Over the years many wrestlers have been injured while performing a Baseball Slide. One example is PAC who broke his foot while performing a Baseball Slide during a WWE match against Chris Jericho. Enzo Amoro, on the contrary, suffered a concussion once when his face struck the ropes as he performed a Baseball Slide.

Body Slam

The Body Slam became popular after Hulk Hogan Body Slammed Andre The Giant during WrestleMania III. It’s a basic move used by powerhouse wrestlers that 99% of the times works.

A small mistake could result in serious injuries, including concussions and neck or spine injuries. Body Slams are a very basic move but can be dangerous if they go wrong.


Powerbomb, a basic powermove, is performed by many wrestlers and fans around the globe. The basic move is dangerous.

The impact of a Powerbomb can cause serious injury to the wrestler, even when the move is executed correctly. Powerbombs caused injuries in several wrestlers, including John Cena and Finn Balor, as well as Droz who was forced to retire from the sport.


The Superkick became a standard wrestling move because many wrestlers now use it. These include The Usos or the Young Bucks. The iconic Sweet Chin Music of Shawn Michaels is also worth mentioning.

It’s a very basic move, yet it has caused many injuries. Bret hart’s injury that ended his career after he was hit by a superkick from Goldberg is the most tragic.

Suicide Dive

Suicide Dives can be dangerous and cause serious injury. The wrestler can injure himself by falling or getting caught between the roping.

Despite its dangers, the Suicide Dive has become a standard move in wrestling. Many wrestlers perform it, including Seth Rollins Darby Allen, Liv Morgan, and Mercedes Mone. This is an exciting move that gets the crowd pumped up.


The Piledriver was always a dangerous move. But many wrestlers still use it, and it is now considered a standard move. The move is not allowed in WWE but many wrestlers still use it.

When not executed correctly, the Piledriver may cause serious injury, most notably neck injuries. You might remember Stone Cold Steve Austin getting a neck injury from taking a Piledriver.


Adam Page, who recently suffered from a concussion, took a lariat after being hit by Jon Moxley. It is clear that such a simple move can lead to serious injury.

The lariat can be performed easily, since the wrestler simply slams their arm into their opponent’s chest. The wrestler may get injured if the move goes wrong.


While a slap may not be a professional wrestling move, many wrestlers, men and women alike, slap one another during matches. Many people would think that a slap was a harmless move. However, it can cause serious injuries.

Victoria, for instance, fractured Beth Phoenix’s lower jaw during a match in the Monday Night Raw episode from 5 June 2006. A slap, for example, can be a serious injury.

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