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Could This be the End of Jeff Hardy’s WWE Career?

After debuting at Insane Clown Posse’s Gathering, fans of Jeff Hardy may wonder what is in the store for the pro wrestler. The 44-year-old wrestler is said to have declined an offer that would have been a significant boost to his career. 

It’s alleged that Hardy is battling addiction and starting rehabilitation seemed to be the easiest way out. This uncertainty follows his exit from WWE, a chance that would propel his career. The offer, seemingly, could see Hardy part of the Hall of Fame 2022 class. 

Hardy has been on top of his WWE career for the last 18 years. 

However, Hardy walked out of a WWE live event on December 4th, 2021, and was later suspended from the company after five days. 

What does this mean for his career? 

Jeff Hardy spoke toMatt, his brother, in a Podcast ‘The Extreme Life of Jeff Hardy.’ We recap what he shared about his latest decision. 

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Back to Jeff Hardy’s WWE Career

Jeff Hardy has had a career every aspiring professional wrestler would desire to have. Since his debut, the legendary has earned several awards and has earned 29 championships in WWE, ROH, and Impact. However, Hardy walked out of the ring in a live match in a live event. Despite his prowess, the renowned wrestler has been struggling with addictions that may have informed the new twist of events, including the refusal to be part of WWE.

There has been conflicting news about Hardy declining to Join WWE in 2022. The wrestler finally broke the silence and shared his thoughts on the matter. Jeff Hardy details what might have led to his unexpected decision to leave WWE. 

When asked about why he turned down the offer of working with WWE, Hardy noted that this was one of the wisest decisions he ever made, even though it was subconscious. 

“It was strange, even though I have been working with WWE for about two years,” said Jeff Hardy. But why decide so? WWE is an offer anyone would want to get? 

I felt like it was wrong, and it was crazy to decline the Hall of Fame offer. I feel like there’s nothing in for me, and it’s hard for me to go for rehab because I don’t believe I am struggling with addiction. 

I went for knee surgery and hoped to come back and return to a crowd of about 20,000 people. Unfortunately, there was nobody, and it’s weir even though the pandemic’s effects were so adverse, he added.

Besides, there have been times that I felt like a ghost, and as I roam in the walls, I am wondering why I am here and am I even important, he retorts! There’s this day I went into the crowds and disappeared, and almost everyone thought I was high on something. It was that bad, and there is much more I could add, says Hardy. 

Hardy’s Reaction to Comments and Criticism

It’s obvious that fans and critics had to react following Jeff Hardy’s reaction. So what’s the implication on his career and well-being?

In his response during an interview with Jared Myers, Hardy notes that it is common that even people who know nothing about him would have something to share about his fate. “When you have people believing in you and the support of the people you love most, that’s all I need,” remarks Hardy. According to Hardy, going to rehab doesn’t mean that my employer had my best interests. For him, nothing else matters except what his families believe in and is enough to inspire him. 

Hope During Transition

Even though Hardy left WWE badly, he has had a successful career with them as an individual team member with other wrestlers. The Survivor Series has been promising, and with Seth Rollins together with fans cheering me on, the future is promising. 

According to Matt, AEW values legends more than WWE does. Hardy, 44, is more excited about being with AEW, and it is fun to connect with crowds. After an exciting show, I wondered how long my stay at WWE would last, and I started having second thoughts, adds Jeff. 

It is then that WWE offered Hardy a chance in the 2022 Hall of Fame, but he turned it down. Hardy would debut with Matt in the AEW Dynamite promotion on AEW TV on March 9th and would later record their first victory after defeating Isaiah Kassidy and Mark Quen (Private Party). 

Even though the future is unclear, Hardy now has an emotional rock and believes in a promising career, and there are no chances of slowing down.

Quick Starts about Jeff Hardy

Here are a few things you should know about the renowned wrestler:

  • Hardy was born on August 31st, 1977
  • He is currently a signee of AEW (All Elite Wrestling)
  • Besides his accolades, Hardy is lately known for his firm decision after ending his WWE tenure.
  • Hardy’s prowess is also recognized during his tenure with TNA (Total Non-stop Action) and ROH (Ring of Honor)
  • Jeff partners with his brother, Matt Hardy, and lead a wrestling tag team, The Hardy Boyz. 

Jeff Hardy is among the most daring professional wrestlers of all time. The future can only have more for him, and fans and peers can’t wait to see what the unmatched wrestler has under his sleeves. 

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