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Famous Wrestlers Who Enjoy Playing in Casinos (2023)

People live for the adrenaline rush. Our lives are full of thrills, and we love that roller coaster ride. So it’s no surprise, that some risky sports and shows have a massive cult following. 

Wrestling is an extremely hazardous sport; as one might expect from an activity in which two or more people attempt to beat the living daylights out of each other by any means necessary. Over the years, World Wrestling Entertainment has been a clear choice, and its superstars have consistently exceeded expectations.

Outside of professional wrestling, these superstars are known for taking risks in the casino. Thanks to new technologies and casinos like SkyCity online casino, they can play it whenever and whenever they want.

The article discusses a few legends who have excelled in the casino scene as well as in the ring.

John Cena

Over the last two decades, John Cena has been one of the company’s most visible faces. His natural ability to connect with an audience has long made him one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. He burst onto the scene with his iconic „Ruthless Aggression“ catchphrase and has remained a fan favorite ever since.

It is well known that he loves to win high stakes, from the sport of wrestling to gambling. The WWE Superstar is known for his fierce energy and competitive temper during any match. This temperament has been introduced into the gambling world by the superstar. He is well-known for his interest in safe online casino technology. He’s been an active player, where you can conceal your identity. 

Jeff Hardy

Over the years, Jeff Hardy has developed a reputation as a thrill-seeker in the world of professional wrestling. The pro wrestler is well-known for having no self-control, and his desire for thrills led him to become involved in online gambling. 

Jeff Hardy has been a well-known figure in the gambling industry, much like his shows. He has even offered advice to his fans on which game to play to get the best payouts. He prefers playing at brand-new casinos because, in his opinion, they are the best and most profitable.

CM Punk

Phillip Jack Brooks known by the ring name CM Punk; throughout his career, obtained the title “Best in the World” in a very long time. He gained a lot of popularity because of his outstanding mic skills and equally superb in-ring skills. He was a part of one of the greatest matches in the history of WrestleMania and told one of the greatest tales ever.

CM Punk was always one of the best risk-takers in the business, which could be seen in the choice of gambling. Throughout his WWE career, he was always in the spotlight for his ability to connect with his storylines and put on incredible matches. He can go undercover and has never shied away from his potential love for mobile casinos. This affection has increased his massive fan base, and he is still well-known for his moves. Following his departure from WWE, CM Punk pursued a career in MMA. The superstar’s interest in casino boxing and MMA venues stems primarily from his deep passion for the sport.

John Morrison

John Morrison, another legend, is famous throughout the world as one of the most agile athletes and professional wrestlers. Morrison has been a superstar for several organizations, winning championships at various points in his career as a singles wrestler and a member of a team. In the squared circle, he is renowned for his extreme style sense and agility. His “Starship Pain” finisher is one of the most difficult moves in the business and is only very rarely executed by someone else.

Additionally, he is one of the few athletes who enjoy gambling as a hobby outside of professional wrestling. Although he enjoys playing blackjack, roulette, and poker, he is also very responsible. He is one of the best in the casino and is skilled at managing money, much like his wild control in a match.

Mick Foley

With numerous memorable Wrestlemania performances under his belt, Mick Foley is a historical legend. He is well-known for his brutal wrestling style, which includes the use of objects such as thumbtacks, chairs, and tables, all of which are designed to harm or injure you. Due to his tenacity and love of taking chances, his charisma and persona are highly regarded throughout the world. Throughout his career, Mick Foley has participated in physically demanding matches, such as jumping into flaming tables and falling off the top of a steel cage. The superstar’s penchant for doing the unbelievable during his career even resulted in him losing an ear once. 

His love of taking chances brought him to the world of gambling, where he quickly found success. He participated actively in the casino but only played in secure settings because that is crucial.

Final thoughts

Over the years, watching professional wrestling matches has provided entertainment for many people. It’s not odd that one of the most popular WWE slot games is the “WWE Legends”

So there you have it – some of the most well-known wrestlers who are also gamblers. As you can see, gambling is quite popular among professional athletes. If you enjoy both wrestling and gambling, you should look into some of the wrestlers on our list. Who knows, you might learn something from them

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