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Guide and Tips for WWE Betting in the US

After conquering the territories  of WCW, and ECW, WWE remains the leading wrestling promotion globally. CEO Nick Khan is advocating for legal WWE betting in the US. Stay ahead by learning how to bet on WWE through proper guidance.

Is WWE Betting Legal?

No, WWE betting is currently not legal, unlike other popular betting games like slots online or roulette. State gambling regulators have universally prohibited betting on the WWE and other popular wrestling promotions. Scripted matches pose various issues, with leaked results being common in online forums and wrestling publications, often referred to as “dirt sheets.”

Where Will WWE Betting be Legal?

Although any of the 28 regulated mobile betting markets could potentially legalize WWE betting, it is widely believed that Michigan, Indiana, and Colorado are the most probable states to permit wrestling betting, and the WWE is actively targeting these states. This preference is likely due to the fact that these states are among the few that have legalized betting on the Academy Awards, another event with fixed results. For instance, the WWE has already registered with the Indiana Gaming Commission.

When Will WWE Betting be Legal?

State regulators have faced delays, but the WWE now holds significant influence. Following the acquisition of WWE by UFC parent company Endeavor, a multi-billion-dollar media agency representing the NFL, NHL, and owning sports betting service provider OpenBet, the merger closed on September 12, 2023. Despite this, the legislative process is time-consuming, and the legalization of WWE betting may not occur until at least the end of 2024.

WWE Betting Tips & Strategies

While wrestling betting remains illegal in the US, we specialize in wrestling predictions and have compiled some WWE betting tips to assist you in getting ready for potential future markets.

Stay Informed with Dirt Sheets

While not everything may be accurate, reading dirt sheets provides insights into behind-the-scenes developments. For instance, discovering that a wrestler is injured might indicate they’ll lose the title for surgery.

Think Creatively

Consider WWE creative, the writing team, even if match results are confidential. Knowledgeable wrestling fans can often predict match outcomes by analyzing the likely trajectory of the storyline. For example, if a champion is approaching a record title reign, they are likely to win and set a new record.

Gamble Responsibly

Prioritize safe and wise gambling practices. Avoid chasing losses, know when to step back, and refrain from betting on matches that make you uncomfortable. Always adhere to responsible gambling guidelines.

Top WWE Events

While there are multiple TV shows each week, the WWE hosts a major Pay-Per-View (PPV) event toward the end of each month. Some PPVs are held annually, while others follow a less predictable schedule.

  1. WrestleMania: This event typically features marquee matches involving celebrities or former wrestling stars. Since 2020, WrestleMania has transitioned from a single-night event to a two-night extravaganza.
  2. Royal Rumble: The Royal Rumble, held in January, plays a pivotal role in setting up WrestleMania. The 30-man Royal Rumble match determines a guaranteed championship match at WrestleMania for the winner.
  3. Money In The Bank: The Money in the Bank Ladder match, introduced by Chris Jericho in 2005, is known for its innovation. Now a standalone PPV, the featured gimmick match involves participants climbing a ladder to retrieve a briefcase.

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