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How to Bet on the UFC

UFC has been increasingly becoming popular as the mainstream online sport. Many betting sites are offering UFC bets keeping the interest of the bettors in mind. These betting sites provide entertainment for players who want to have fun and get entertained online through betting. The betting sites give players the adrenaline rush similar to playing the game physically. Some of the UFC betting sites in the UK are as below:


Bet365 is one of the most popular UFC betting sites headquartered in the United Kingdom(UK). It is a betting site offering to bet on a broad range of sports along with the best UFC betting. Also, the supportive customer care support and live features make betting smooth and hassle-free. Even the beginner can bet on this website and have their queries resolved.


The seamless mobile experience of the 10Bet makes the betting experience much friendlier and smooth. It offers a good sportsbook bonus which you can withdraw after the relatively small sportsbook wagering amount.


888sport has both pre-match and live bets adding more interest-filled elements to UFC betting. 888sport offers a best-in-class mobile experience.They also have dedicated betting applications. With great bonus offers, betting on the go adds to the fun and innovative ways of betting experiences.


TonyBet is an established player in the online Casino along with Sportsbook. They offer players a broad range of deposit options like cryptocurrencies and e-wallets in addition to paying the traditional medium like debit cards. 24X7 live customer support and a welcome bonus on joining offer a great start to the UFC bets for beginners. 

5) BetVictor

BetVictor offers the best sports betting, poker, and casino gaming. They offer significantly big bonuses on smaller deposit amounts. Also, a new customer bonus is available on small deposits. BetVictor has been in bookmaking for long dating to the year 1946.

There is no dearth of UFC betting sites in the UK, but utilizing the best and most trustworthy websites is essential. It is mandatory to trust money and time with trusted sources who know about betting.

Place UFC bets: How to bet on the UFC?

After knowing about the trusted online sites for UFC betting, now let’s learn how to place UFC bets. We will explain the different betting options available for MMA fights and UFC betting at online sites.

For example, one method of placing a UFC bet on the website is betting through using “Money Line,” which means “To Win”- the bettor has to choose the one they think is more likely to win.

Apart from Money line bets, there are different methods to place MMA or UFC bets. They are as explained below:

1) Moneyline Bet

The most common and easiest way for UFC betting is Moneyline, as explained above, to choose the most likely winner you think of while betting. The essential tip when betting using Moneyline betting is to bet for the underdog instead of the favorite player to win higher payouts if the bettor bet is successful. 

2) Over/Under Bets

In MMA and UFC betting, the over/under bet basis on how long you think the game will last. The bookmarker draws the line in-between the middle somewhere in the game. And you, as a bettor, have to decide how far you think the game will be stretching.

Along with this, the other is distance bets, which are the basis of the prediction of whether the fight will finishes-off before the bell rings or goes for the judge’s decision. The different betting- sites seem to have minor differences, so it’s better to check the rules and norms before deciding to bet on UFC gaming.

The UFC bets on websites should place only after finding the necessary information about the betting, their rules, and regulations.

3)Victory Bets

Instead of betting on who is most likely to win, Victory bets are the betting methods based on the bettor’s prediction about the game’s ends. Among the different probabilities about the game’s ending, based on the fact of the players involved, what can be its ending probabilities?

4)Prop Bets

Another is the Prop Bets- these UFC betting Prop Bets are based on the events in the fight. The bets are on random questions and inquiries, such as whether the UFC fight will result in a draw. Will the UFC fight will have any point deductions? For how long UFC fight will last? Betting on the random thought questions on the UFC betting is known as Prop bets.

Thus there needs to be no expert in betting to enjoy UFC betting. Plenty of trusted betting sites with live customer support are available where players can bet successfully. Also, there are different bonuses for the players, like the welcome bonus, reward bonuses, loyalty bonus, etc. which makes placing UFC bets more fun.

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