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Who Are The WWE Champions

The WWE provides a roster, which it classifies into men’s and women’s categories. WWE fans can expect to find two find main brands from the company, which include SmackDown and Raw. Wrestlers who fall in this category wrestle on the weekly shows offered by the company. So, who are the WWE champions?

Here are the details about the champions:

WWE and Universal Championship – Roman Reigns

Born in 1985, Leati Joseph is an American Professional wrestler, who also goes by the name Roman Reigns. He is a member of the Bloodline group and one of the longest-standing champions in the WWE. Roman Reigns is also from a family of several wrestlers. These include Yokozuna and Umaga. Roman Reigns is also famous for various accolades in the ring. A good example includes tying for a world record of the best performance in the Survivor Series. Romain Reign is popular among those who engage in WWE Betting.

Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championship – The Usos

The Usos are an American Professional wrestling team, that features two twin brothers. They go by the names Jonathan and Joshua. The names they use in the WWE championship are Jimmy and Jey Uso. Both of them are the current holders of the Tag Team Championship, and they are yet to be beaten.

The brothers have also achieved various notable records IN this sport. A good example includes the longest record for a tag team championship. They also form part of the Bloodline group, which shares affiliations with Roman Reign.

NXT Women’s Championship – Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose is the holder of this title. She was born in 1990 and is a professional wrestler for the WWE. Aside from wrestling, she also holds various professional qualifications, including being a fitness instructor and sportsperson. Her journey to the WWE championship for rose began in 2013.

It involved a long journey, with many different experiences in the sports industry. A good example would be that Mandy once took up the sport of bodybuilding. Rose first got into the WWE as part of the 2017 roster. She became a champion after defeating Raquel Gonzalez to claim the NXT Women’s Championship title.

Raw Women’s Championship – Bianca Blair

The holder of this title is Bianca Blair Crawford. She was born in 1989 and currently fights as a sportsperson for the WWE. She is also part of the Raw Brand and functions using the code name Bianca Blair. Bianca also made her first debut in the sport of wrestling in 2016. It was the debut that involved the developmental territory NXT category of WWE. One of the first titles that she won was the Women’s Royal Rumble Match in 201. It was a major victory because it showed the immense potential that Bianca had for the sport. She also women the SmackDown Women’s championship after beating Sasha Banks. Many believe the fight to be one of the most notable moments in the history of the WWE.

Smackdown Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch

Rebecca Quin is the current holder of this title. She also fights under the WWE Raw brand, using the official name Becky Lynch. Part of her immense success relates to the expansive career Rebecca has experienced throughout the years.

Her first major appearance was on TV sitcoms like Cyndy Lauper. The journey towards becoming a professional wrestler started officially in 2002. The name she used at the time was Rebecca Knox, but later on, changed it to match the current persona she wanted to portray.

One of the major events that helped Rebecca transition into a professional wrestler was the SummerSlam. It paved the way for the match that eventually made her champion. It occurred when she fought Biana Belair, who she defeated in a few minutes. The defeat made Becky Lynch an official SmackDown Champion.

The list above outlines some of the notable WWE champions currently. Each of them has a unique history, and it’s worth following up on the roster to check out their fights. If you plan on betting, do it wisely by using the correct platform.

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