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How to Bet on Wrestling Tournaments (WWE)

Through the last 50 years or so, World Wrestling Entertainment has existed in one form or another. The organization adopted that name in 2002, eventually converting to the WWE brand in 2011.

For all of its existence, the WWE has been seen as a great form of entertainment but not so much as a sport. The issue has always been the fact that WWE matches are largely scripted. In other words, the outcomes are predetermined even if the means for getting there offer some flexibility afforded to the wrestlers.

To be clear, WWE wrestlers are great athletes. There is nothing “fake” about a 260 lbs. wrestler getting slammed to the floor by another 260 lbs. wrestler. Still, the outcomes are scripted to create storylines that can be targeted with marketing efforts.

The Relationship Between the WWE and Legal Sports Betting

For the most part, online and retail bookmakers stay away from offering the WWE and other professional wrestling organizations as viable betting markets. The reasoning behind this choice should be very clear! They cannot accept wagers on any game or event where the outcome is predetermined. No further explanation should be necessary.

The quandary retail and online bookmakers have to deal with is the fact many WWE fans are also sports fans. What do we know about sports fans? Yes, many of them like to bet on sports. The quandary came to life about 20 years ago when the WWE became an international phenomenon. It was no longer restricted to sports fans in the U.S.

Over the years, bookmakers in the UK have been besieged with calls to offer betting opportunities on WWE matches and events. Every time “WrestleMania” comes along, those calls get louder. Those calls aside, bookmakers won’t stay in business long if they start taking legitimate wagers on sports or events with scripted outcomes. How much money would insiders wager if they knew Manchester United was scripted to beat Liverpool by two goals?

The Compromise

About 10 years ago, a few very astute online sportsbook operators decided there was a compromise they could offer that would permit sports bettors to bet on WWE matches and events. They would still need to accept a certain amount of risk, but they came up with a way to limit the risk while giving sports bettors what they wanted.

The compromise was to offer WWE prop bets tied to bonus promotions. This was the kind of compromise that only an insightful sportsbook manager would see. By tying WWE bets to bonus promotions, they could do two things to limit risk. First, they could drastically limit wager amounts. If they give customers a $50 free bet on a WWE match, they have control over their exposure.

The second risk-limiting factor is the “rollover” or “playthrough” requirement. If a sports bettor wins $50 betting on a WWE match but has to fulfill a wagering requirement, it drastically dilutes the likelihood there will be any tangible losses. That’s why WWE-associated rollover requirements tend to be 5x to 10x the bonus winnings. If a sports bettor can get past a restrictive rollover requirement, they deserve to win real cash.

Here’s the kicker. It turns out that offering WWE wagering bonus promotions is a great marketing ploy. It draws the attention of real WWE fans who then have a viable reason to open their own online sports betting accounts. This has been a real boon for UK operators because once a customer opens an account, they tend to stick around to place other wagers.

Where GamStop Gamblers Can Wager on WWE Matches and Events

The everyday UK online gambler will eventually get a chance to make some kind of wager on as WWE market. For any UK gambler that is currently restricted from online gambling because of their GamStop Self-exclusion registration, the option still exists.

Offering WWE bonus promotions is not restricted to licensed UK sportsbooks that are subscribed GamStop members. Any sportsbook in the world has the ability to make the very same offers. That applies to both unlicensed non GamStop members in the UK and offshore bookmakers for that matter.

If a GamStop gambler wants to enjoy wagering on WWE matches, there are ways they can get around GamStop without detection. In many cases, the best option might be to visit non GamStop website to find out the best non GamStop betting options. Indeed, CasinoWise has information on plenty of non GamStop UK operators that are very safe and reliable.

Other ways a highly motivated GamStop Gamblers/WWE fan can wager on WWE matches and events include:

  • Opening new UK sports betting accounmts under the identities of a friend or relative
  • Using crypto as a banking option with a crypto-only sportsbook
  • Choose a bookmaker that is licensed in a different country (jurisdiction)

Find an online sportsbook with weak to

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