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How to promote a profile of a professional wrestler on Instagram?

Today everybody has their profile on Instagram – from people who are solely interested in leading their photo journal to those who are willing to take all the benefits from their online visibility. Sports is a huge thing that is an interest of many people and sportsmen should definitely pay attention to how they are presenting themselves. Especially if we are talking about professionals who take part in paid competitions where bets have their place. The smartest move they could make would be promoting their profile and attracting as many people as they can to their page, so they would have lots of loyal fans who would increase their popularity on such competitions.

So, what can a wrestler do to attract the attention of common people, possible fans, on Instagram? We can give you several nice pieces of advice and talk about one obligatory thing that should be done no matter what. Let’s start with the pieces of advice that we can give in terms of creating content:

1. Show your training sessions in stories – and we don’t mean those boring tutorials “how to train like a wrestler/bodybuilder/anybody else”. Show something that not so many people know about, something specific and rare. Any cool spar moments, any unusual training routines – all of that will do. However, be careful and don’t go overboard with telling everybody your secrets; put the information forward in small portions and try to create some kind of an intrigue with what you’re going to post next. Keep everyone on the edge of their seat!

2. Create countdowns until your next competition and keep people updated on what you’re doing to get ready – it always helps with bringing maximum attention to your persona. Let people ask you questions and find a minute to answer them: they might be interested in something that you find boring or unnecessary to talk about. Trust us on this one, you’re going to be surprised with people’s questions. 

3. Show your life behind sport – it’s interesting too. Give away as much information as you find comfortable though, don’t let other people invade your privacy and talk about your life as much as you think is okay and safe. But keep in mind that people love spicy details about their idols’ lives and that they can discuss the most minor things for months if they find them interesting. We don’t say that you should manipulate your audience, but you know… sometimes to grow and expand your profile, you should.

And now let’s talk about the most important thing: if you feel like you don’t get enough growth on your profile no matter what tricks you’re trying to use, you can buy Instagram followers. Those are bliss for people who are having some kind of plateau while promoting their profile and for those who are only starting their way in profile’s promotion. Paid subscribers will help you to create that situation where people think that your page is already successful and interesting, and at the same time you don’t have to do much and spend lots of time on mass following others to get something in return.

A chance to buy real Instagram followers can really change a lot for you: don’t underestimate it and give yourself a possibility to “delegate” some hard work to professional promoters who will deliver any needed number of subscribers and can also take care of your thumbs up, commentaries and video views statistics, for example. All of that gives a chance to concentrate on generating content and communicating with the newly arrived and regular audience. 

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