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Mark Perry

Mark, a stalwart in the pro wrestling journalism industry, is the editor, writer, and owner of Pro Wrestling News Hub brand. With an experience spanning over two decades, he has left an indelible mark on the wrestling media landscape. Mark started his journey by covering WWE, meticulously chronicling the ever-changing narratives, players, and game-changing moments in the industry. His knack for in-depth analysis, coupled with a passionate flair for storytelling, made his work stand out, transforming him into a go-to source for dedicated WWE fans. He created one of the first pro wrestling podcasts. Always one to stay ahead of the curve, Mark was there when All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and Impact Wrestling were mere fledglings in the pro wrestling scene. He recognised their potential early on and has been instrumental in bringing their stories, matches, and wrestlers into the limelight. His coverage has been pivotal in fostering the growth and popularity of both promotions. But Mark's journey in the wrestling journalism realm extends beyond writing. He has proved his business acumen and foresight by successfully owning and operating multiple wrestling websites. His entrepreneurial ventures include and, both of which he skillfully developed into thriving platforms before selling them. Mark's blend of journalistic prowess and business savvy is a testament to his multifaceted approach towards pro wrestling coverage. His commitment to delivering quality content, his ability to spot trends and opportunities, and his unwavering passion for the industry set him apart in the wrestling media landscape. Through Pro Wrestling News Hub, Mark continues to be a reliable and influential voice in the wrestling community, delivering insightful content to readers and setting the bar high for wrestling journalism. The passion and commitment he brings to his work continue to inspire wrestling fans and aspiring journalists alike.

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