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Is It Possible for Logan Paul to Return After a Great Debut in WWE?

Logan Paul’s possible return to the WWE is a hot discussion in the betting industry. Many online casino sites, including any online casino Ireland no deposit, are on the lookout for his possible return. Is it possible for Logan Paul to return after a grand debut in WWE? Read on to find out more!

Could Logan Paul Become a Pro Wrestler?

Could he become a Pro Wrestler with several speculations on the Youtuber’s wrestling future? Logan Paul may have had a stellar debut at the WWE WrestleMania 38, but it doesn’t mean things would continue that way. His return to the big stage would mean he hopes to become a Pro Wrestler. That isn’t a big deal for him; however, would he quit other things for a wrestling career?

The celebrity boxer has built a name. Also, he made money from his Youtube channel, boxing career and other business avenues. The money made from all these is more than what a Pro wrestler could ever make. Does it make sense for him to quit it all for a Pro Wrestler title? Well, it all depends on what he wants.

He seems to enjoy wrestling and has what it takes to entertain people. The boss himself, Vince McMahon, gave him praises, which is a positive step in the right direction. Due to the future’s uncertainty, we can only hope he would make a worthwhile return. After all, he still has unfinished business with The Miz.

What Were the Betting Opportunities on Logan?

Various online casino sites are interested in Logan Paul’s future WWE matches if there would be any. It’s not surprising due to the betting opportunities on him in his WrestleMania debut. His betting opportunities were not as straight as bets on other matches of the WrestleMania 38. It started with a lesser odds and got as low as -120. A few days before the event, things turned around, and the odds increased. He rose from -120 to even out. A few hours before the match, the final betting odds were 13/8 in his favor.

What Vince McMahon Told Logan Paul After His Impressive WWE WrestleMania Debut?

On the 2nd of April, 2022, Logan Paul gave one of the most surprising yet fantastic WWE WrestleMania performances. Teaming up with The Miz, he made his in-ring debut defeating the Dominik and Rey Mysterio duo. His debut performance was impressive to WWE WrestleMania fans and the audience at the show. Even the big boss had something to say. The celebrity boxer revealed that Vince McMahon told

him something after the show. Vince told him that his future is at the WWE and that he should trust him (Vince).

Fans and the media, even online casino sites, have been speculating with clues that the Youtuber could return to WWE. Even though he hasn’t signed any full-time contract with WWE, this is a massive hint for fans wanting him to sign a deal with the company. His unfinished business with The Miz is one reason fans hope he would return to WWE. The Miz, Logan’s partner turned on him after defeating their opponents at the tag team match. The Miz negotiated the act with WWE as part of his deal. Fans are hoping there could be a WrestleMania Backlash between them.

Another reason people think he could make a possible return is that he seemed to enjoy wrestling. He had a look the audience loved and made the show enjoyable. Time will tell if Vince McMahon’s words would come true, and we could see the Youtuber’s on the WWE stage again.


Logan Paul’s WWE return is a great debate, and while it’s both for fun and the potential betting opportunities, all decisions lie with him. Online casino sites can only hope for a return that would ignite the “BettingMania” in wrestling and betting fans alike.

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1 Comment

  1. mllgamer lamont77

    June 1, 2022 at 11:56 am

    giv him the 24 7 title
    and feud with the miz later on

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