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Is Wrestling Betting A Fair Venture?

There’s no denying that wrestling is one of the most entertaining sporting events on TV and live events can certainly add something different too, there’s a reason why it continues to be so widely viewed and why fans of all ages enjoy every moment. Something that separates it from other sporting events however, and that comes with the predetermined storyline that runs behind the scenes – with changing laws for gambling across the US with a particular aim at sports betting like these recent changes that have come into force, it may only allow for certain sports and certain events to fall under the new legislation to allow for betting options and raises the question of whether or not betting on a fixed storyline can be considered fair.

For the fans, it makes little difference as a thriving betting market already exists and those not privy to the storyline can only make a best guess at what’s to come, and remains the definition of fair too – but there’s a current ongoing issue within the bigger organisations with big roster changes and leaks in the background, and if these leaks do turn to the storyline and not just to releases and changes, then it could also lead to a big upset to the betting market in the background too as matches with a pre-determined outcome could sour fan expectations.

That isn’t to say there can’t be surprises, however, that keep things on the more unpredictable side – last minute creative changes or adjustments to a pre-determined storyline, or just attempts to subvert expectations could lead to unlikely outcomes too – if there are concerns around leaks to storyline then it may also lead to a big change here too particularly last-minute changes and a change to platforms to invalidate any bets made under the premise of the leaked storylines.

These will all certainly be considerations when it comes to platform licensing too, there will still be a lot of regulation change and plenty of eyes firmly planted on the changing platforms as different states look to justify a new approach to allowing online options to succeed, whether or not wrestling will be a part of this deal is yet to be seen but it is looking very likely it will, and with public opinion being on the side of wrestling too there will be a huge number of individuals that take advantage of the newer accessibility and options given too – these same fans will be hoping that the current uncertainty in the industry will look to slow, and things will return to business as usual with the biggest talent being resigned to different organisations, and bigger events to run without disruption.

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