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John Cena’s career from being a wrestler to a movie star

John Cena is a well-known wrestler from the United States where he has become a movie star as well amongst other things. John Cena is expected to make a return to the wrestling ring due to his success in WWE and since wrestling and gambling have good links with each other it is expected that wrestling fans will be backing him from the UK casino list for more info on his wrestling comeback there are different articles about it across the internet.

John’s wrestling career

He made his debut in 2002 just after signing his professional contract, Cena then proceeded to get in the ring and replace the undertaker’s place due to him struggling with mental health at the time. With the years that followed John become a well-known wrestler around the world with wrestling fans going mad for him and calling him the greatest of all time.

John is a 16-time world champion wrestler, five-time US champion and 25 times WWE champion he has also won superstar of the year away three times which is some achievement. Over the past two decades, Cena is said to be one of the best wrestlers to take up the sport with there not being many wrestlers that can say they have achieved what he has achieved.

Cena takes to Hollywood

John Cena has been in some famous films and well know films to us all with him making appearances in films such as Fast and Furious as well as the suicide squad which are some of the most-watched movies of our time. Both films have been box office movies with the United States and the United Kingdom with millions of film fans enjoying the fact that John Cena features in them.

Cena has some great acting skills and looks set to feature in many more movies that are set to start filming soon. He has become an in-demand actor for many film producers due to him being such a skilled actor who can play many different roles.

John Cena is an inspiration to all wrestling and movie fans with him proving that if you want something you can achieve it with hard work and dedication which has led to him being one of the most famous people on the planet. As mentioned above hopefully we will see Cena back in the wrestling ring over the next few years.

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