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3 Tips to Control Your Nerves Before a Match

Many of the best athletes are knowledgeable in using their nervousness before a match to their advantage. They remain unperturbed, focused on competing without fear, and carry themselves with confidence. For others, however, anxiety can get the best of them. Before a competition, they feel sluggish and unable to perform their best. More than that, they take the fun out of the sport they are most passionate about. While they may have physically prepared themselves, their nervousness rules over their mental state. As a result, they lose the conviction necessary to face their opponent head-on and, inevitably, could lose the match.

Without a doubt, being a little nervous before a competition can enhance an athlete’s performance. They are more inclined to fare better when they compete if they are excited. It motivates them while they maintain their composure. However, being too nervous keeps them from giving out their best as they feel the pressure mounting and their confidence dissipating. If you are facing a match, your objective is to win.

Fortunately, there are some ways to get a handle on your nerves and use it instead to make you give it your all during your match. Here are some of them.

1. Concentrate on your performance instead of the outcome of the match

It is natural to keep your eyes on the goal and the outcome of the competition. Just the same, it would be best to center your attention on what you can control before the match. These include your performance, aggressiveness, and strategies to defeat your opponent. Focusing on the aftermath, whether on winning or losing or what people think about your performance, will only intensify the nervousness you are already experiencing. Since you can never control the outcome of the competition, pay attention instead to your game plan and how to carry it out.

2. Take the time to relax before the match

As the big day approaches, take the time to sit back and relax. While it may be a significant match, try to keep yourself from imagining it as different from all the others you have been in. By treating it that way, you calm yourself down. There are various ways you can relax, from listening to your favourite music to trying your hand at online casino Canada and distracting yourself with an enjoyable activity. Don’t focus too much on the match, your opponent, or how big the match is. Instead, give your mind a break and allow your body to rest and build up more energy.

3. Maintain positive thoughts

While you may not be aware of it, your thoughts are powerful and can either push you to do your best or keep you from achieving your end goal. How you perceive yourself has a significant impact on your performance. Maintain positive thoughts, erase negativities and allow your inner voice to motivate rather than discourage you.

Give yourself a pep talk and focus on your strength and abilities. When you think positively, you attract positive energy, which you will need to attain your goal. Use your nervousness to keep you on your toes and drive you to be your best. Control your nerves rather than have them control you.

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