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List of the Best Wrestling Colleges

Graduating from high school is a joyful experience, but being an ambitious person, you ask yourself, what’s next? Choosing a college that best suits your aspirations and aims becomes a tough task if you are so not so well aware of the institutes around you.

If you are someone, who is serious about wrestling then you need to find a college that offers the best athletically, academically, socially, and financially. It’s a big decision for wrestling athletes, so information about college statistics, rankings is a must before getting yourself enrolled.

Several colleges offer wrestling programs for student-athletes, but all colleges have variable strengths and weaknesses. Many factors are taken into account before labeling any wrestling college, for instance, the:

  • Athletic competitiveness of the school
  • School’s overall quality

We have made this easier for you. Here is the list of the best colleges we’d recommend to any wrestler seeking an elite athletic program and a strong education.

1.  University of Iowa

It is a public school, situated in Iowa City, Iowa. The University of Iowa is the topmost school for men wrestling. Having a large population of students who graduate from the institute each year, the university offers the best wrestling programs for student-athletes.

2.  Virginia Tech

Most of the athletes who you see participating in the Olympics get their degrees from Virginia Tech. It’s a public school with a high freshman retention rate. It is located in Blacksburg, Virginia, the large public school. The students perform well in classes too and are known for their academic excellence. If you are interested in applying at Virginia Tech, seek an online essay helper for a stellar application.

3.  Lehigh University

You’ll find the best wrestle athletes if you decide to attend Lehigh University. Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the medium-sized private not-for-profit school is peddling towards excellence athletically and academically. The university’s dropout rate is very less, indicating its ability to satisfy its students.

4.  The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois is one of the best universities for any student-athlete. The university has a good number of students who perform well, nationally and internationally. It is a public university situated in Champaign, Illinois. If you want a sound education and build your wrestling career, then this university provides you with the best.

5.  Cornell University

Located in Ithaca, New York, the large private not-for-profit school provides the best education to students who see their career as a wrestler. Cornell University has commendable academic progress with a student population of more than 4000 each year. The freshman retention rate is also high.

6.  University of Nebraska

You will have a good company of athletes if you choose the University of Nebraska. It is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and giving quality education to its students. Every year, the university produces competent athletes who bring fame to their country.

The university boasts a great academic record which means the students care about their grades, assignments, and courses. The admission criterion is pretty simple and straightforward and depends on your career goals stipulated in the application. You can find hundreds of free essay examples at Writing Universe that will help you make it through to the selection list.

7.  University of Missouri, Columbia

Located in Columbia, Missouri, the university has a large population of students. It awarded more than 6000 undergraduate degrees in the year 2018-19. The university is doing well on the financial side of things, a huge revenue is generated each year. The university should be chosen for its quality education and sound career building.

8.  University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, Michigan is the seat of higher studies in Michigan. It is a large public institution satisfying the needs of its students. It should be on the list of your preferred colleges for elite wrestling.

9.  Rutgers University – New Brunswick

Rutgers New Brunswick is situated in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The university claims a spot in the list of the best wrestling colleges. Students like it well enough to return to the second year, so the retention rate is also high. Besides athletics, the university provides quality education with fewer dues and fees.

10. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

It is one of the best wrestling colleges for men. The University of Minnesota is a good option for you if you aspire to become the country’s topmost wrestler, for it produces competent graduates, both academically and athletically.

11. University of Wisconsin – Madison

It is a large public school located in Madison, Wisconsin. Its large student population is a testament to its popularity among student-athletes. A good number of high school graduates join the university to pursue their career as an athlete. The dropout rate is low, and the students perform well in classrooms.

12. Stanford University

The private not-for-profit school, Stanford University, should be on your list if you are a high graduate who wishes to become a wrestler in the future. Stanford University is located in California and delivers on its promise of giving quality education to its students.


There are dozens of top-quality wrestling colleges in the country with an excellent academic, athletic, and fee structure. Whatever college you join for pursuing your career as a student wrestler, go through its official website to identify which one best aligns with your interests.

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