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New to Wrestling? Here Are Three Tips to Become a Superfan

If you want to become a wrestling superfan, it would help if you know a little bit about the history of the sport and how it has evolved into the multi-million dollar industry it is today. Take your time to learn the rules and try to find out the backstories of the most iconic wrestling characters from today and from days gone by. The next time you interact with other like-minded wrestling superfans, it will come in handy to share your knowledge and learn from others.

If you’re going to watch your favourite wrestlers in action, there are several things you may want to consider, such as your travel arrangements, what to eat before you go, what kind of clothes to wear, and how much money you intend to spend on your day out. Here are three of the most useful tips for becoming a wrestling superfan.

You need to spend money to become a WWE superfan

To become a WWE superfan, you need to be willing to spend money – lots of money. Superfans tend to get as close to the action as possible and will attend as many wrestling events as possible, which is not cheap, especially when you consider the number of WWE events that take place throughout the year. Also, WWE events take place all across the US, not just in one place, so you can expect to travel a lot. It’s essential that you pre-book event tickets and hotel rooms and plan your travel arrangements.
Some superfans have been known to spend anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 on their favourite sport, which for most people, is just far too much money. Being a superfan doesn’t come cheap, but there are some ways you can become a superfan on a budget. For example, you don’t necessarily have to purchase the most expensive WWE tickets.

You don’t have to book the most expensive rooms or spend too much money travelling in first class unless you can afford it. There’s nothing wrong with travelling in economy. Some tickets for WWE Raw can be found for as little as $30,00, but average ticket prices tend to hover around the $115 mark.
You may want to consider travelling by bus or train, which is sometimes cheaper than flying, but the only problem is that travelling by bus or train is much slower than by plane. You’ll just have to search around for the cheapest tickets. Also, instead of booking into a five-star hotel, you may want to try and find much cheaper accommodation. These are just some of the best money-saving techniques that won’t put so much of a dent in your wallet.

Merchandise and betting

If you’re looking to place a bet on your favourite wrestler, you can do so now at a growing number of new online sports betting sites. You can also find lots of wrestling-themed games at online casinos, such as the WWE Legends: Link & Win online slot machine from Microgaming. When you go to a WWE event, you may also want to take a piece of merchandise home with you to remind you of your experience.
This doesn’t mean that you have to purchase every single item that’s on sale. The best thing to do would be to go in with a budget and try not to overspend. For example, only go for the most practical items that you like the most.

The main merchandise categories online tend to include T-shirts, WWE title belts, accessories, home & office, toys & games, and collectables. Don’t forget that you can also purchase those same items online at official online WWE merchandise websites. Sometimes you may be able to find a deal at the venue that perhaps isn’t available online, and other times, you can find huge discount savings online.
Just remember to search around and carry out your own research before buying any merchandise. Try not to get too carried away in the moment by purchasing more merchandise than you originally planned to buy. Also, you don’t want to carry too much around because it can get heavy and annoying, especially after carrying it for several hours.

Food and drinks

It can also get a little costly when buying food and drinks at WWE events. If you want to save a little bit more money, you could perhaps eat plenty before you go, either in your hotel or in a relatively low-cost takeaway. You may also want to buy snacks from a local supermarket to save even more money. You don’t want to waste all of your money on food and drinks that cost an arm and a leg, so remember to fill up before going to a WWE event.

Superfans will tell you that they generally don’t spend hours of wasted time queuing for snacks when they could be spending that time in queues waiting for their favourite wrestler to sign their new T-shirt or autograph book. If you do end up becoming a superfan, you need to be prepared to wait for, sometimes, hours in the rain just to catch a glimpse of the biggest stars. Just try not to take being a superfan too seriously, and remember to have fun at whatever wrestling events you decide to attend.

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