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People are fake; pro wrestling is real – test yourself in an online casino in Canada

Nothing is as entertaining as a spectacular wrestling match with a bottle of malt drink in the evening. No wonder the sport is so prevalent in the U.S. and beyond. Many Canadians also prefer this entertaining martial art to classical boxing or MMA. Fans of video games are lucky enough to touch this show in person by taking control of their favorite character. Below we will describe the most popular online games about wrestling and slots in which you can earn money on this sport. 

Fight in the ring with the stars of WWE

Computer games have long been giving real emotions of adventure, possessing a visual component indistinguishable from reality. The stories are supported by powerful graphics technology, which allows you to dive into what is happening with the head. Next, we will talk about what online games can entertain you if you are a wrestling fan.

WWE ( was founded in 1953 by Roderick James “Jess” McMahon Sr and Joseph Raymond “Toots” Mondt. In the past, outstanding fighters were able to revolutionize the way wrestling promotions presented this excellent show for you. In 1989, wrestling fights were officially recognized as sports entertainment to avoid conflict with athletic commissions. Unlike competitive sports – the main goal is to create an atmosphere of combat without causing severe injury.

Of course, wrestling cannot be called entirely safe because the risk of injury is comparable to the work of professional wrestlers. What you see in the ring is like a wildly choreographed ballet, with a surge of emotions and spectacular pirouettes. A great help to create a computer game. Martial arts simulators offer live players to fight each other and experience all the feelings that characterize competition and gambling.

Popular wrestling-themed video games. WWE 2K19

The first game on our list is WWE 2K19. It still occupies the leading position in the arcade fighting game genre. However, the developers decided to leave the idea of simulating a real fight in favor of entertainment. As a result, moves lack flow, but the game has increased in tempo, benefiting it.

Showcase Story Mode takes you through Daniel Bryan’s career. The cinematic inserts allow you to get close to the character and experience what it’s like to be in a fighter’s shoes. The game world is full of minor details, and every gameplay element gives a complete picture of life in constant training and spectacular fights.

The game also boasts the widest selection of fighters in the genre’s history, giving you a choice of more than 200 iconic characters in the world of WWE.

WWF No Mercy – A classic of the genre

The game became a bestseller and has won fans’ love. The simple gameplay is engaging, which will appeal to all devotees of quality games. Where else will you be able to pit The Rock against Stone Cold in the same fight and watch the brutal spectacle? Released in 2000 on Nintendo, the game demonstrates the developers’ high quality and reverence for the project. 

Modern simulators rarely boast a variety of choreography and movement physics, while No Mercy makes a bet on this. Released at the peak of wrestling popularity, it demonstrates the best qualities of fighting games. The developers cared about their unique features, giving each fighter a recognizable appearance. So every fight is not repetitive due to various movements and techniques.

Taking a break and putting off the gamepad, you can visit a gambling site, getting a chance to win a reasonable sum of money. Following our recommendations, you get only verified online casino sites with no risk of being cheated. So take advantage of and add real money to the emotions of winning.

Wrestling-themed slots in the online casino in Canada 

It would be a mistake not to mention themed slots in online casinos. Popular entertainment attracts a large number of users who want to win money on slots with WWE design.

The first thing that comes to mind is a virtual simulator WWE Legends. A 5-reel slot machine with a high payout ratio and memorable style.

ProviderAll41 Studios
Betting limits0,10$ – 20$
Release Date21-09-2021
Number of lines25
Free spinsYes

You seem to go to the ground when you start the slot. However, the design of the machine will quickly orient you in the interface, and management will not cause any difficulties. It is enough to decide on the bet, choose lines and meet famous wrestlers whose images bring winnings. Next, we present our modest list of slots that wrestling fans should try out at the online casino in Canada.

  • Lucha Libre
  • Nacho Libre
  • Hulkamania

In conclusion

Virtual fights can do no harm except for a lost fight’s sadness. Various video games will lift your spirits, and slots in online casinos will even your financial balance. Treat any entertainment responsibly, especially when it comes to betting for money. Before you take that chance, learn more about the game’s rules. Anyone over 21 years old can beat Hulk Hogan in a video slot. By familiarizing yourself with the available materials on the subject of iGaming, you will avoid the risk of significantly reducing your budget. 

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