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Popular Wrestling Finishers by a BetZillion Expert Tim Harrison

Famous Finishing Moves in Wrestling by Tim Harrison for ProWrestlingNewsHub

Many still have fond memories of wrestling matches in the World Wrestling Federation, which later changed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

It was vital to growing up, especially for the 80s and 90s folks. Even though it was scripted, this sport had spectators from across the globe who were always eager to see a wrestling match.

A few popular names on the fans’ lips as they impacted and entertained in this era were:

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin,
  • The Undertaker,
  • Shawn Michaels,
  • Yokozuna,
  • Ric Flair,
  • and John Cena.

One striking thing is that these wrestlers had signature finishing moves that mostly won them games. Furthermore, you can wager on wrestling like other sports using the world’s best wrestling betting sites.

Various markets are available for bettors to bet on even though the results are predetermined but known to only a few insiders in the game.

Tim Harrison, a betting expert at BetZillion, spoke with ProWrestlingNewsHub on famous wrestling finishing moves and the betting markets for this activity that bettors may bet on.

Iconic Wrestling Finishing Moves

A decisive finishing move is one of the most crucial aspects of a wrestler’s personality and often what stamps a wrestler’s legacy.

It is usually a move that decides the match and deters the opponent from further making a fight attempt.

In this section, you will find a list of iconic finishing moves fans always look out for when a wrestling game involves their favorite.

Although we can’t exhaust the list, the mentioned few should bring back good memories.

Stone Cold Steve Austin- Stone Cold Stunner

What is a wrestling finishing move list without the Stone Cold Stunner? It is one of the most talked about moves in wrestling history.

While there are various Stone Cold stunner moments, Austin’s stunner on WWE CEO Vince McMahon on Sept 22, 1997, would linger in fans’ memories as one of those iconic moments.

Here is the moment:

Big Show – Choke Slam

The Big Show Choke Slam is one of the most impactful finishing moves in the WWE.

Although wrestlers like Kane and the Undertaker executed this move, the Big Show’s Choke Slam seems more daring owing to his big size and ability to hold his opponents in the air for a few minutes before slamming them on the mat.

One of the iconic moments of the Choke Slam is when the big man used it on John Cena in the WWE 2009 backlash, preventing him from winning Edge.

Shawn Michaels – Sweet Chin Music

Shawn Michaels is a popular figure and one of the greats in the wrestling world.

His signature move, the sweet chin music, is one of the finishing moves that spectators look forward to whenever he wrestles. The superstar executes this move by taking a side step before kicking his opponent’s face, chin, or neck with force.

One of the iconic moments he used this signature move was at WrestleMania 24 in 2008 against Ric Flair. Another thing that caught the viewers’ attention was when he muttered, “I’m sorry, I love you”, before delivering the sweet chin music on the Nature boy.

Triple H – Pedigree

The Triple H Pedigree sits among the most iconic finishing moves in wrestling.

When the superstar is ready to win, he tucks the opponent’s head between his legs, hooks the arm, leaps into the air and pushes the opponent’s face into the ground.

Undertaker – Tombstone Piledriver

The Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver is one of the deadliest finishes in wrestling. The Retired Wrestler, also known as the DeadMan, executes this move by lifting his opponent upside down, falling to his knees and thrusting his head into the ground.

Even though the WWE already banned this dangerous move, it remains a legacy of the Undertaker. Shawn Michaels was on the receiving end of the tombstone piledriver at WrestleMania 26 in 2010, forcing the Heartbreak Kid to retire.

Here is how Undertaker executed the move on Shawn Michaels in 2010:

Hulk Hogan – Leg Drop

The Hulk Hogan Leg Drop is a legendary wrestling finishing move. While many might argue about how hurtful this move might be, you can’t take away how famous it was during those years.

After hitting his opponent with a big boot, Hogan will hit the ropes and land his leg on his face or neck. This way, he gets to win his match.

Rey Mysterio – 619

Rey Mysterio is one of the wrestlers fans love to watch, owing to the various skills he brings to the ring. Despite having a small body, his 619 move is a popular and effective finisher that opponents would love to avoid.

He executes his move by delivering a two-footed spinning kick into the face of the opponent, hung in the middle rope of the ring.

John Cena – Attitude Adjustment

John Cena is one of the greatest wrestlers the sport has ever produced. While the WWE Superstar has a lot of titles to his name, his finisher – the Attitude Adjustment – also stands out.

One of the thrilling performances where he used the Attitude Adjustment is the fight between Cena, Edge and Big Show at WrestleMania 25.

Cena lifted both Edge and Big Show and executed the Attitude Adjustment finisher to the surprise of many.

Wrestling Betting Markets

While wrestling provides fans with a lot of fun and entertainment, bettors can also get involved by placing bets on different fights using reputable wrestling bookmakers.

Let’s briefly analyze a few wrestling markets you can wager:

  1. Match Winner

This bet is similar to every other sports match Winner bet. You have to predict who wins the fight.

  • After/Next

The After/Next bet is a wager on who you think will be crowned the next champion of a wrestling tournament. For instance, you can wager who will be the next King of the Ring.

  • Feud Bet

The Feud bet is an exciting wrestling wager in which you guess which two wrestlers will compete in the ring before the planned fight.

  • Disqualification Bet

Wrestlers breaking the rules are a familiar scene in this sport. Some bookmakers provide bettors with betting markets on who will be disqualified in a wrestling event.

  • Method of Win

A WWE bout can end in a variety of ways. You can predict the outcome of these fights by choosing a winning method. Pinfall, submission, disqualification, count-out, and other strategies are a few examples.


Wrestling is an exciting combat sport requiring various techniques like joint locks, pins, throws, takedowns, and many others to defeat your opponent. In this article, we went down memory lane to highlight the finishing moves of famous names in this sport.

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