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Some of The Most Amazing Stories Behind WWE Wrestlers

For decades, WWE has entertained millions of fans as they tune in to witness their beloved wrestlers go head-to-head in the ring. While the storylines and matches are scripted, there are often incredible real-life stories behind the wrestlers that fans may not be aware of as they place their favorite bet on these wrestling matches. Betway offers a comprehensive range of top-quality international online gambling options.

From overcoming adversity to achieving their dreams, these stories are often just as inspiring as the characters they portray. They add an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling world of WWE and give fans a glimpse into the lives of their favorite wrestlers.

“Dr. Death” Steve Williams and Rick Steiner

In the world of professional wrestling, stories of wrestlers clearing out bars and getting into fights are not uncommon. However, the story of “Dr. Death” Steve Williams and Rick Steiner saving people from a burning car is a tale of extraordinary courage and strength that deserves recognition.

Jim Ross, the former Mid-South announcer, remembered a incident near Alexandria, La. On the side of a highway, Williams and Steiner were in the same ride when they stumbled upon a bad car crash. The vehicle was on fire, and the driver and passengers were still stuck inside. A bunch of people tried hard to open the door and get them out before the car blew up, but they couldn’t do it.

Williams and Steiner didn’t waste a moment. They went straight to the car, tore the door off, and pulled the victims out. They made sure to get them a good distance away before the car finally exploded, so nobody got hurt. The tale of “Dr. Death” Steve Williams and Rick Steiner stepping up to save folks from a burning car shows their courage and heroism beyond the wrestling ring.


Vader was a big deal in wrestling, as many Betway wrestling fans are aware of. Standing at 6-foot-5 and weighing 450 pounds, he was one scary opponent. Once, in Japan, he faced off with Stan “The Lariat” Hansen at the Tokyo Dome. Things got crazy when Hansen hit him with a bell, knocking Vader out cold. Bleeding from the mouth and nose, Vader knew he was in for a tough fight.

Despite the injury, he didn’t stop. Vader went after Hansen, slapping him around. In the scuffle, Hansen poked Vader’s eye, popping it out. Vader took off his mask, showing his eye hanging out. But crazy enough, he pushed it back in and kept going despite the injury.

The match ended in a draw, but Vader paid a price. He lost 30% of his vision, messed up his nose and orbital bones, needed surgery and all. Still, Vader went back to the US and kept scaring folks in WCW and WWE. That’s one tough wrestler.

Danny Hodge

Danny Hodge is a legendary wrestler who went undefeated as a college wrestler, winning 46 matches and losing none. He is known for his incredible strength and toughness. Hodge was not only a wrestler but also a boxer, winning the national Golden Gloves competition despite having no prior experience in the sport.

Hodge faced a real test of his strength and determination in early 1976. He dozed off while driving and ended up driving off a bridge into a lake. The crash messed up his neck and broke his teeth, but he still found the strength to punch through a window and swim to safety. He got to the roadside, holding his neck in place with his hands, and flagged down help. This remarkable incident showcases Hodge’s toughness and resilience.

Part of what makes Hodge so strong is that he was born with double tendons, giving him incredible power in his hands and forearms. Even at 80 years old today, Hodge can easily crush an apple with his bare hands.

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