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Worst injuries among wrestlers

Although in wrestling, “everything is not real”, it is still not a theater but a traumatic sport. Entering the ring, it is impossible to say with certainty that you will return from it whole. No matter how well the performance is rehearsed, any trick is like a roulette where the result is still unknown no matter what. And this applies to almost any sport. The only exceptions are probably chess and poker. Nevertheless, both of these games release no less than a storm of emotions. Chess is a more self-sufficient game and only needs a board and a suitable opponent, but a good game of poker requires more people and, even better, playing with a croupier. To realize this, it is worth reading the casino UK review and choosing the most appropriate community for yourself. In Britain, poker is quite popular, which allows any player to try his hand at tournaments, which is even more interesting than just playing with friends.

Speaking of wrestling, the most common injuries are:

  • Back injury
  • Neck injury
  • Concussion
  • Knee injury

Unfortunately, there are more unique and dangerous injuries. This article includes the most brutal incidents witch wrestling fans remember till these days.

Sydney “Sid Vicious” Youdy: open leg fracture

Not the most dangerous injury on the list, but extremely “spectacular.” In addition, she proves that it is possible to kill oneself in wrestling by performing even tricks that are not the most dangerous at first glance.

At the WCW Starrcade show in 2000, Sid fought against Scott Steiner – everything in the match went smoothly until Vicious decided to jump on the opponent from the turnbuckle (rope holder in the corner). Human bones can withstand gigantic pressure loads, but if twisting is added at this point, the bone cracks very easily. And so it happened – the small and large tibia of Vicious on his left leg broke in half. During the year, the wrestler could only move with a cane and was sure that his career was over. However, Vicious was able to recover and performed until 2017.

Leon “Big Van Vader” White: eye prolapse

They say there are two types of wrestlers. Some perform tricks spectacularly, but the opponents remain safe and sound. For others, the techniques do not look very good, but their opponents end up suffering injuries. But they said about Big Van Vader that he combined both of these archetypes – it was always spectacular and painful with him. Once he even temporarily paralyzed his opponent with a power bomb, but then everything worked out.

However, Vader himself suffered from injuries in the ring. The list can be long, but the most striking case occurred in 1990 in a match against Stan Hansen. In the course of the duel, Hansen broke Vader’s nose, but these are trifles. At some point, Hansen accidentally hit Vader in the right eye with his finger and literally pulled out the eyeball, which just hung. But Vader was a brutal man – he put his eye back in and continued the match. This injury did not pass without consequences – the wrestler became much worse to see in one eye, and he had to undergo surgery on his nose.

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