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The Connection Between Online Casinos and Pro Wrestling

Wrestling is the oldest sport in the world. Records of people wrestling competitively dates back to 3000 BCE Egypt. In India and China, people have before wrestling since 700 BCE.

In its early days, people would fight naked, usually for a huge prize. Sometimes fans would watch athletes wrestle, with some people gambling. In the worst-case scenarios, there were matches where people fought to the death.

Enough with the history of wrestling. In this article, we’ll delve more on the established relationship between fighting and gambling. Interested? Let’s get started.

Casino Themed Fights

Casino battle royale is a fun wrestling event held by top-tier wrestling organization: AEW. The event starts with athletes drawing random poker cards. Nearly all wrestlers get into the fray at once expect for the wrestler who picks a joker card. The wrestler with the joker card enters into the ring last.

In the true spirit of the name, Battle Royale is all about knocking every other opponent outside of the ring. The winner of this event gets a chance to become the World Champion: both men and women events.

To add excitement to this event, battle royale starts with five wrestlers. Henceforth, five more wrestlers get into the ring after every three minutes. That said, AEW also features a tag team battle royale event. As you would expect, the winning team earns a match for the World Tag Team Champion title.

Wrestling Themed Slots

In the wrestling world, event organizers like to hold casino themed battles. In the casino space, it’s not unusual for software providers to create slots inspired by wrestling and fighting in general. There are even tournaments with this way inspired slots involved. Don’t be surprised if your wrestling fan knowledge helps you develop a slot tournament strategy when you decide to participate in one.

Take a look at these games:

  • Hulkamania
  • Luchadora
  • Super Sumo
  • Andre the Giant
  • Lucha Libre

Two of the slots mentioned were inspired by legendary WWE wrestlers. The other three are based on different wrestling events. All the same, the point is that casino developers respect the sport of wrestling well enough to create wrestling inspired slots.

For the uninitiated, wrestling are games of luck. With a game like Andre the Giant, you get an opportunity to win if Andre appears on all reels. You can also win free spins to keep playing the game or multipliers to magnify your profits.

Of course, not every casino has wrestling-themed games. Check online Casino Ultra for high-quality slots, including fighting slots. As a bonus tip, find out the developers behind popular wrestling slots. It will ease your research work.

Online Casino Endorsements

Famous wrestlers have hundreds of thousands if not millions of fans. Owing to this fame, they can command six-figure checks by endorsing brands from all sorts of industries, including online casinos.

An example is UFC great Conor McGregor. Although no longer at the prime of his career, the Notorious has an endorsement deal with Parimatch, a gambling site based in Cyprus.

Like McGregor, fellow UFC fighter Tim Barnett has a highly popularized endorsement deal with online gambling firm Fruity King. Barnett, who hails from the UK, might not be as popular nor as successful as McGregor. But his fame in the UK is good enough to earn him an endorsement deal.

The reason online casinos work with wrestlers is straightforward. Wrestlers are famous people. And they can use their fame to encourage more people to join online casinos they have partnership deals with.

Wrestlers Inside Casinos

Not every wrestler has an endorsement deal with online casinos. Still, this doesn’t stop some famous WWE, AEW and MMA stars from playing their favorite slots and table games.

Let’s start with UFC head honcho Dana White. The UFC president likes to showcase his lifestyle on social media. Severally, Dana has posted screenshot where he wagered up to $25,000 per hand in his favorite casino game: blackjack.

To be clear, Dana is so good at blackjack that he once won $5 million at the Palm Casino. In fact, he no longer gambles at the establishment after they banned him for winning too much.

Dana aside, UFC legend Anderson Silva is yet another wrestling star in love with online gambling. Although he’s never disclosed the highest amount of money he’s won, he regularly promotes new online casinos and betting apps.

When not busy endorsing brands, Conor McGregor also loves to spend money at gambling sites. For one, the Irish international throws most after party events at various casinos in Vegas. However, he’s also admitted to gambling online.

Wrestling Betting Odds

Ever wished you could bet on your favorite pro-wrestling events? It turns out you can. But this depends on where you live and what online casino you plan to use. In many states, you can’t bet on events where the outcome is pre-determined.

Due to that law, you can’t wager on WWE and AEW events in many states. However, betting sites located outside of the country accept wrestling bets. There’s a catch, though.

You can’t bet $1000 or $20,000 on your favorite AEW superstar. Usually, wrestling bets are kept to a minimum, say $200. The only time you can wager big amounts in wresting is if it’s about MMA championships.

MMA is treated as a sport, and deservedly so. As a result, people are allowed to bet up to $1M ON UFC, One and Bellator events. Of course, this also depends on the bookmaker at hand.

Wrestling and eSports

In this age of competitive video gaming, pro-wrestling can’t afford to be left behind. Fortunately, the sport is actively organizing eSports competitions. And guess what? Casino fans are invited.

Usually, talented video gamers compete in UFC, WWE and AEW inspired video games. People can watch these matches in real time online. And as mentioned, they can also place bets on the winners.


Wrestling has a great connection with online casinos. It started with wrestling organizers creating casino-themed battles. Here, players are dealt with cards before fighting.

On the other hand, casino developers get inspired by wrestlers and fighters often. In fact, they’ve created multiple slots inspired by the world of wrestling. Another way wresting and casinos are intertwined is through marketing. The two industries regularly work together to enrich each other.

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