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Top 3 Wrestling-Themed Online Games You Need to Try

Wrestling has been a popular sport for quite some time. There are many variants of it, but you see all of them in the ring and each fighter seems to make it work on their own. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it still gets millions of viewers from all over the globe.

This sport has also inspired several developers to come up with games as an homage to the world of wrestling. You can play some of them online with your friends or solo. In fact, it doesn’t matter which way to play them so long as you’re having a blast. Here are 3 such titles:


As the name of this game suggests, this game was inspired by none other than wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. This is a slot game that was developed by Endemol which is a big name in the iGaming industry. Any Australia best online casino real money sites as well as sites from other countries will have this slot available. That’s because the game takes the excitement of the ring and brings it to the reels. In other words, there are Wilds and Scatters as well as some free spins. If players are lucky, they might just land the 1,000x jackpot in the game.

WWE Undefeated

World Wrestling Entertainment has been behind some of the most iconic wrestling events for decades. They have created legends such as Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, The Rock, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, and more. All of them have a deserved spot in the hall of fame and a place in WWE Undefeated. In this game, you’ll get to pick one of the many champions and take him to glory by tackling your opponents from match to match.

If the career mode seems like too much then you can go for skirmish matches against the AI. The best part about this game is that it’s a mobile one so you can enjoy it on the go. When it comes to the visuals they are out of this world. In other words, you’ll get all the brutal action teleported to your screen. The atmosphere is wild, as is to be expected from a WWE game, and you won’t forget the title anytime soon.

WWE Champions

Whether it’s your PC or tablet, WWE Champions is another game you can enjoy. Wrestling is the central part of this game and it’s combined with tiles filled with all sorts of gemstones. You’ll need to land the right ones and when you do your wrestler executes a move that gains some experience. This experience is used to upgrade the wrestler when they’re not in a match. Essentially, this is a game of chess which means you’ll need to land the right tiles to defend from an attack and perform one.

These are just 3 amazing wrestling games that capture the brutal nature of the sport and bring it to your screen. If you’re looking for more then you simply dive in deeper.

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