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Types of bets you can place on pro wrestling

Well you read the title right! Yes, you can officially bet on pro wrestling matches and there are different types of bets you can place too! This is despite the fact that these matches are scripted and staged. However, only a handful of people know about the results of these fights, and they guard this information with their lives. That’s the only reason why some sports books allow wrestling fans to bet on the outcomes of pro wrestling events.

Furthermore, even though pro wrestling is not amongst the top martial sports that gamblers prefer to bet on, as it’s primarily to do with showbiz, there’s a whole lot of enthusiasts who love betting on it still. Let’s acquaint you with the different types of bets offered in pro wrestling.

Straight bets

Normally, pro wrestling bets are quite simple in nature. Since this type of market doesn’t make a huge amount of money for the bookies, the offered bet types are pretty straight forward, and hence are ideal for people looking for simple betting experience.

The most commonly known bet offered in pro wrestling is the straight bet which is about predicting the winner of an upcoming match, tournament or championship. You can often see a good number of wrestlers, even celebrities and politicians at times, who are offered odds for winning or losing. For instance, one specific competition involved odds for Barack Obama to emerge champion when he wasn’t even expected to show up! Usually, any time there is a speculation regarding something, you will be able to get some kind of odds for it. All you need to do is predict the winner and then relax and enjoy the action!

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Prop bets

Some sports books even offer attractive prop bets for these matches. Below detailed are some of the popular prop bets normally seen in the pro wrestling events. Please note, these bets are only a few of many prop bets and are based on specific situations which may or may not be offered again (depending on the script):

  • Appearance bets are a type of prop bets in pro wrestling which are about a certain individual or a type of individual making an appearance at the event. These individuals can be politicians, UFC fighters, popular female contestants or retired wrestlers.
  • First to appear is another type of prop bet which involves predicting which pro wrestler will come up first in the ring. It’s got nothing to do with losing or winning the match, but is simply about who will make an appearance first.
  • Predicting the wrestler who will last the longest inside the ring, in a particular event, is what the longest ring time prop bet is about.
  • First-time winner is a pro wrestling prop bet which is about betting on a wrestler who has never won the event before. Although it happens quite rarely, it can give you plenty to get behind various wrestlers, and have a good time watching the battles.

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