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Which Athletes Make The Most Money?

The sporting world is massive, and it’s a global phenomenon that will always be around well into the future. The attraction of sports could be how passionate the fans are and just how involved they can get with things like sports betting. There is a lot of money being pumped into the sporting industry, which in turn means that athletes can get paid quite a bit. So, keep reading and find out which athletes make the most money in this competitive world.


Boxing is one of the world’s oldest sports, but it’s not actually the best paid. The classic Pay-Per-View fights and advertising used to bring in a lot of money back in the day. But now, it’s not as much when comparing it to other sports. Boxers can look to earn up to around $37K a year one all their fees and everything has been deducted. However, a lot of boxers find that they make their most money once they retire. This is because they can step into the role of a coach, which can actually pay a whole lot more. However, just because the average salary for a boxer is less than $40K a year, that doesn’t mean some of them don’t make the big bucks. In 2020, the highest paid boxer made $57 million, so it can be a very lucrative choice for athletes.

American Football Players

American football is an extremely well paid sport and it’s one of the country’s favourite sports to watch. On average, a player in the NFL could earn around $3 million a year, which is a lot more than the average for a boxer. When you compare it to the salary of a football player in times as recent as the 80s, it’s gone up by a whole lot. Back in the day, players could only expect to earn less than $100K, so you can easily see how much it’s gone up by. The athletes nowadays also make a lot of their money through sponsorships and other sorts of deals, so it’s not surprising that they’re earning a lot more. In 2020, Kirk Cousins was the highest paid player in the NFL and earnt a staggering $60.5 million that year alone. So, it seems like being an American Football player isn’t all that bad!

Football (Soccer) Players

Football, or soccer as it’s known in the States, isn’t as popular there. But it’s definitely loved across the rest of the globe, and it actually has some of the highest paid athletes ever who very quickly become household names. However, the amount of money that they earn will depend on what league they play in. Those that place in some of the top leagues can earn millions, whereas the lower ones make a salary similar to that of an office worker. If you’re a part of the England Premier League, then you’ll look to earn just over £3 million per year. However, if you were to look at top players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, this number is a lot higher. For instance, Ronaldo earnt $105 million in 2020, with nearly half of it coming from endorsements and sponsorships. So, while it may not be that big in the USA, it’s definitely a well-paid sport across the rest of the world.

Basketball Players

Basketball is another well loved sport in America, with it being right up there with football. This sport is actually one of the best paid ever, and it could be thanks to the exclusiveness of the league. There are only 30 teams within the league, making it easier for the players to secure much higher salaries with less competition. On average, a basketball team in the NBA is valued at just over $2 billion, showing you just how well paid you can expect the players to be. But it can vary from team to team, as the Portland Trailblazers were averaging at $10 million per player. However, the highest earning player in 2020 earnt $88.2 million, and that player was none other than LeBron James. Like football and soccer, a lot of these earnings come from the endorsements and sponsorships that the players receive, not the game itself. So, being a part of the NBA can be a financial dream come true for any basketball player.

Being an athlete can earn you a very decent living, but it does all depend on what sport you go into, and what level of professional league you can get into as well. However, with the possibility of earning millions in a year, it’s easy to see the attraction to becoming a professional athlete. So, the next time you’re watching your favourite sport, why not look up the salary of your favourite player and see how it compares to the opposing team!

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