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Who Are Some of the Major Names Expected to Return to the WWE Royal Rumble 2023?

What are some of the cornerstones of professional wrestling? You have the characters that make up different line-ups of wrestlers, the exciting ring walks, the masses of fans, and then, of course, exciting matchups such as the Royal Rumble.

The Royal Rumble 2023 is set to take place in San Antonio on January 28. Predictions of winners have already been made, but we are still yet to know the entire line-up. So, with that in mind, who can we potentially expect to see climb back into the ring?

Who Are the Current Favourites? 

Before discussing the big names who could be returning, it is worth considering who is already going to be stepping into the ring and could likely win. There are a number of odds already available on big matches such as this so if you are excited and want to start making your predictions early, you should be sure to consider them before doing so. 

There are a number of different betting sites available when doing this so be sure to head over to one that specifically specializes in wrestling. These aren’t hard to come by, especially when you visit comparison websites that lay out what betting sites are good for different sports. These websites are also important because pro wrestling is a sport with global popularity and betting rules vary depending on where in the world you are. For instance, Kansas has recently had online betting go live so fans there who may want to consider odds, can visit the website here to look for the best online platform for professional wrestling. 

When you consider some of these sites, the favorites who are likely to win become clear for the moment, but we likely won’t have solid predictions until everyone taking part is confirmed. Current favorites include: 

  • Cody Rhodes – 1.83
  • The Rock – 5.5
  • Roman Reigns – 8
  • Drew McIntyre – 13
  • Riddle – 13

Who Might Be Coming Back? 

You can see a list of all of the previous Royal Rumble winners and there are two big names who are hoping to be the entries for 2023. According to Sportskeeda, both Randy Orton and Big E are more than likely going to be making a return to the ring in 2023 (it could even be earlier than that). 

The two have been out of action with injuries but are expected to be coming back very soon. Fans everywhere are excited about seeing the master of the RKO himself return after dealing with a herniated disc in his back on the L4-L5 levels on his left side. He has had many a good fight in the past, highlights of which you can see, so to have him back in the ring again is very exciting. 

The Legends Are Back 

With the 2023 royal rumble looming on the horizon, fans everywhere are excited about the prospect of some well-known legends stepping back into the ring. Both Big E and Randy Orton have been out for a little while after suffering injuries but as the odds for the favorites come crawling in, rumors of the two making returns are starting to manifest. As it stands, the likes of The Rock and Cody Rhodes are favorites for the 2023 bout, but this could all change once the entire line-up of wrestlers taking part is revealed. 

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