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Why is wrestling good for a student?

You are a schoolboy and want to do wrestling, but your parents are against it? Are they afraid that it will have a bad effect on your well-being and mental activity? We will prove that sport is a great opportunity to make your grades better, just as a paper checker for plagiarism helps an essay to become perfect.

Wrestling is quite interesting and fascinating, and it is not a staged fight. Wrestling is the same art as movies and TV series.

In this article, I want to show you and prove that wrestling is no worse than any other sport, and somewhere even better. And helps in many areas of life.


The plot is in many ways the main driving force of the match. For the most part, the perception of the match itself depends on how the story was told between the wrestlers. Also more important is the gimmick (the character played by the wrestler) and the ability to show himself on the microphone (promo). All this affects the psychology between wrestlers, which affects the matches themselves.

For example, you can take a wrestler named Daniel Bryan. He is an underdog, namely a talented wrestler who does not receive serious promotion. The management constantly put sticks in his wheels (according to the plot), explaining this by the fact that he does not look like a main event (a wrestler who participates in big plots, usually for the main title of the company) and he has no place here. He was constantly unlucky, but he did not get discouraged and created the “YES” movement, which helped him literally break through and get a chance for the main championship at the main show (in WWE) Wrestlemania. And in a rather emotional struggle, overcoming all difficulties, he triumphs and wins gold. At this time in the arena everyone is shouting YES, emotions in such moments are unforgettable.


Matches are usually a duel where wrestlers try to keep each other up to three. Titles (belts) are also a motivation for victory. There is a lot more variety here. A huge number of different fighting styles, many conditions for matches. Even to single out something is difficult. Everyone can find anything they want. If you want equipment and flights, please.

There are a lot of good and exciting matches, during which you can relax a lot. Each is unique in its own way, and each has a story that wrestlers are ready to tell.

You need to help your partner

This is one of the main postulates of wrestling. Wrestlers are only opponents in the plot, but in fact they are partners who trust each other with their lives and health, and partners, as you know, need help. It’s very simple: you will not hold a reception if your opponent does not help you. And first of all you need to try not to make yourself look better, but to make your opponent seem stronger, more technical and more impressive. Then you yourself will look the same.So, wrestling teaches children to be part of a team and help each other.


Wrestling helps to develop endurance, then it will help to be patient during the learning process. Moreover, in addition to the obvious physical training, it literally forces you to be attentive, and again, this is obviously necessary for the school and the university.

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