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WrestleMania Tour Ontario news

Wrestling fans in Canada will be able to get up close and personal in the coming days as the WWE storms through Ontario on Sunday, 27 March, 2022, as part of the promotion’s WWE Road to WrestleMania Tour!

Indeed, the tour is one way for the organization to promote one of the biggest professional wrestling shows in the entire sport, with WrestleMania 38 scheduled to take place on April 3, 2022, in Texas at the AT&T Stadium; the home of the Dallas Cowboys!

Canadians have had to be patient

Indeed, Canadians may not have previously had too many opportunities to go and watch their favorite superstars compete in the ring, therefore the show that is set to take place at the Coca-Cola Coliseum imminently can be one of the ideal times where they can!

Canadians have certainly had to be patient in order to watch some of their favorite superstars, as the WWE has had to continually re-organize the event after experiencing a number of obstacles and unforeseen circumstances.

The WWE Live: Road To WrestleMania Tour was initially supposed to have happened in December last year on the 29 in Toronto, however it had to be postponed and will subsequently take place in a couple of days’ time.

Naturally, it would not be a surprise if there was a real buzz amongst those who have been waiting patiently for the event to take place, especially as there have been a number of announcements to have been made regarding the event at the Coca-Cola Coliseum.

Trish Stratus has been announced as a very special guest to appear in Toronto!

Those that have checked out the event venue’s official website may have noticed that there are a number of matches to have been scheduled featuring some of the WWE’s top superstars – although it is possible that these will likely change as they do appear to be a little old and were perhaps bouts that were scheduled to take place when the initial event was supposed to be held – however one of the most recent updates to have been made is something that the stadium has confirmed recently!

None other than one of the most iconic female wrestlers to have ever been in the sport professionally, as well as one of Toronto’s own superstars and sports royalty, Trish Stratus has been confirmed to make an appearance as the event’s host!

A WWE Hall of Famer, Trish is one of the most accomplished female wrestlers to have been in the business, as she managed to achieve a number of impressive accolades throughout her career. The Canadian was able to win the WWE Women’s Championship no fewer than seven different times, whilst she was also able to be named as the No. 1 Greatest WWE Female Superstar in a list of the top 50 as recently as last year; this should be considered equally impressive since although she has not confirmed that she is retired from professional wrestling, her last full-time match was back in 2006!

Of course, she still has a number of dealings with the promotion, as she continues to make sporadic appearances and wrestle on the odd occasion, having most recently competed against Charlotte Flair at the 2019 SummerSlam PPV, and it seems something could happen with Becky Lynch, too!

Canadians will be excited for the Toronto event

Stratus’ appearance at the event is only likely going to build the excitement further for fans with the WWE Live: Road To WrestleMania Tour arriving in Toronto, Ontario on April 27, although it certainly would not be a surprise if there was already a huge amount of excitement regarding the sports betting side of things.

Indeed, there have been several Ontario sports betting platforms to have been made available recently due to the changes in laws that have recently been experienced. The province of Ontario now allows sports bettors to enjoy legal online sessions after making the gambling activity legal, and many will want to get involved as much as possible.

Ontario is home to a number of sports teams including historic franchises such as the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators in the NHL, as well as the Toronto Raptors in the NBA, however with the WWE steamrolling through and WrestleMania 38 scheduled to take place imminently, many may look to use the show in the Canadian city as a way of learning what to expect when they perhaps consider betting on the wrestling.

Indeed, by placing a wager on the WWE Live: Road To WrestleMania Tour show, they can perhaps work out whether they want to place a sports bet on the main event, whilst also gaining an understanding as to whether it is the right type of sport for them to enjoy placing wagers on!

WrestleMania 38 already has a stacked card

Of course, WrestleMania 38 is the real reason why there is an event set to take place in Toronto on April 27, and whilst fans will be able to get to see a handful of the WWE’s top superstars take to the squared circle, there is no denying that the best matches and events will be taking place in Texas a week later.

As mentioned, arguably one of the biggest shows in professional wrestling will take place at the AT&T Stadium and will take place over two nights, with Saturday, April 2 & Sunday, April 3. Naturally, with two nights set to be used, there is a lot for fans to get excited about, but what do we already know about the WrestleMania 38 card?

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