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Wrestling on YouTube: Top 5 Popular Channels that Attract Viewers

YouTube is an amazing video sharing platform that is used by viewers and content creators across the world. Over the years YouTube has been adopted by celebrities, social media personalities and even political figures.  The audience that can be reached using the sharing platform is immense which means that large global brands are now getting in on the action. On the app or on the physical website, viewers can search videos and creator channels by keywords and can find content about just about anything. Whether you are looking for wrestling videos or highlights from your favorite sport, YouTube is the right place to be.

In this article we are going to be going over the most popular YouTube channels that cover wrestling content. The YT wrestling community is continuing to grow which means that there are more sources for amazing video now than there ever has been.  You’ll notice that all these channels are quite large and have a lot of subscribers and views on each one of their videos. If you are a content creator on YouTube and are interested in an opportunity to generate more engagement on your videos, be sure to check out the options to buy 100 views on YouTube that can be found at the site

1. Steve & Larson

Steve and Larson are a fantastic duo that host the Steve & Larson, Going in Raw podcast that they consistently post on the video sharing platform. The Going in Raw podcast is wrestling focused and will be sure to capture your attention after just a few minutes. This duo is highly energetic, entertaining, and always a treat to watch for wrestling fans. If you are into the sport of wrestling and haven’t come across this channel yet, I would highly recommend heading over there right now.  

2. Grim’s Toy Show

While this show may not be for everyone, it is difficult to deny that Grim’s Toy Show is not one of the most elaborate wrestling-fandom channels on YT. The host is a wrestling toy collector and even a wrestler in his own right having competed at high levels against intense competition.  If you are interested in collectibles, figurines, the history of wrestling toys or how they could be fun to introduce to your children, this is the show for you.  Between the few channels that Grim maintains, he has over 1 million subscribers, quite the feat for any content creator on the internet!  His main channel alone has over 500,000 subscribers and is growing each and every day.  

3. Slat Rock

This is a channel that not many of you may have heard of and that is because they are still a growing source for content with around 50k subscribers currently.  According to the wrestling community online, this is one of the most underrated content creators in the wrestling world.  Featuring old photos, exclusive video, and unbelievably complex breakdowns, Slat Rock will not leave you craving more in-depth wrestling content.  The quality of the videos and the knowledge that the host of Slat Rock has in relation to the history of wrestling is something that you must check out!

4.  Top10Wrestling

The Top10Wrestling page has grown in popularity over the years and has just achieved the landmark of 200,000 subscribers!  Most of the films that you will find on this channel are lists, rankings and breakdowns of why certain wrestlers are considered better than others by hardcore fans of the sport.  This host does a fantastic job of explaining the nuances of the sport to someone who may not have been exposed to it as a child or hasn’t been following the sport for as long as some other experts.  

5. Wrestling with Wregret

The Wrestling with Wregret page is one of those pages on YT that will make you want to watch each one of the films that they have posted up until this point.  The content is never repetitive and is often educational for newer wrestling fans who may have never been exposed to older video.  This page also features reviews, lists and even unboxings of memorabilia and collectibles.  Even if you just have a few minutes to spare in your day, head on over to the Wrestling with Wregret YT page, you won’t regret it!  

In my opinion, all the above channels are established in the wrestling community and make use of some important strategies to grow their followings. Strategies for growth on YT can vary quite a bit from one creator to the next but are extremely important to growing your audience over time.  YouTube is only becoming more competitive, which is why creators are turning to buying views, promoting with advertisements, purchasing subscribers, and even collaborating with each other from time to time. Growth strategies on YT can include:

  • Encouraging subscribers to view other videos on their page
  • Collaborating with fellow content creators
  • Buying YouTube views in the beginning to boost growth
  • Hosting a podcast
  • Building multiple channels
  • Reviewing wrestling matches and main events
  • Ranking wrestlers or sporting competitors
  • Establishing a high like to dislike ratio

In addition to the five creators listed above, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other creators fighting to be noticed by the wrestling community. As briefly discussed above, one of the ways to get noticed by the audience on YouTube is to stand out with many viewers on a specific video.  If you took the time to visit any of the channels listed above, you should have noticed that each of them had a landing page film that is meant to grab your attention and prove that they are the best channel. 

This strategy of proving to a consumer of content that you are an expert in a specific industry through the sheer number of views you have also works on Instagram and other platforms as well. This article, written and posted on does a great job of explaining just how important Instagram video-views can be if you want to promote your growing account.  Remember, just about any product or service can be sold on YT or Instagram if you have an active following and know how to present the sale.  

Competing on YouTube

As mentioned above, the sharing platform that we have focused on in this article (YT) has been growing since it was created and has proven itself as one of the most lucrative entries into being an influencer. For those reasons, the competition on the sharing platform is now more intense than ever.  While it is still possible to make a name for yourself with the right skills and knowledge, it can take a lot of time and effort to get started and standout.

The best part about the platform that YT has created is that there is almost no barrier to entry.  If you are sitting at home, jealous of these YouTubers because they have a channel and you don’t, you should know that creating a brand-new channel doesn’t take much time at all!  Anyone can create their own page and promote videos, film videos, and eventually become an influencer with enough hard work and patience.  

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