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Former WWE Star Shelton Benjamin Eager to Explore Wrestling Options Worldwide

One Big Thing

Following his release from WWE in September 2023, Shelton Benjamin is excited to explore wrestling opportunities around the world, with a particular desire to return to Japan.

Key Points

  • Benjamin has already traveled to Australia since his WWE departure.
  • He is scheduled to face TNA star Josh Alexander in Prestige Wrestling and participate in Progress Wrestling’s Super Strong Style 16 tournament in England later this year.
  • During an interview with Simon Miller of “WhatCulture Wrestling,” Benjamin expressed his strong desire to return to Japan, where he spent four years early in his career.

Embracing New Options

Benjamin is enthusiastic about the current landscape of professional wrestling, which offers a variety of options for talent to showcase their strengths:

He stated, “I’m excited about the fact that there are more options because obviously, with all the great talent out there, we all can’t shine in the same place.”

Why It Matters

Shelton Benjamin’s eagerness to explore opportunities outside of WWE highlights the growing diversity within the professional wrestling industry. With numerous prominent promotions available, talented wrestlers have more choices than ever to find the best fit for their skills and style. This increased competition benefits both the performers and the fans, as it drives innovation and variety in the world of wrestling entertainment.

Jim Ross’s Endorsement

AEW commentator Jim Ross has already voiced his support for the company to sign Benjamin, praising his natural in-ring ability, vast experience, and team-player attitude.

As Shelton Benjamin embarks on this new chapter in his career, which promotion do you think would be the best fit for him? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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